Out with the Old, In with the New

Self Promotion


Well, came home from the Wheatland Music Festival mid-September, and on my first day back at work, the computer died. I’ve had that one since 2008, and when we brought it in to the Apple store, we were informed that it was now a ‘Retro Classic’, and basically unrepairable by them. So onward and upward, a few weeks later I’m on a brand spanking new machine and back hard at work after a two week lull. Above is the first ‘big project’ I’ve attempted on the new system and software (updated to Painter 2016 with the transition), and will be a promotional postcard to be sent out soon to try and drum up some new business. I’ve a few other pieces to post (a few smaller jobs, and some samples from a couple book projects from last year), but will take care of that over the weekend.