Misc Odds n Ends


This month I’ve been working, at a slightly more relaxed pace, on a pair of upcoming book projects (that will have to, for now, remain under wraps). But I’ve got a couple shorter deadline projects and sketches to share for now. Above was a piece for the Chronicle that I did this morning. Below is a rough sketch from one of the books that I’m working on, and since this particular illustration got killed in the series (unfortunately, as it was one of my favorites in the group), I decided I’d share it here. Below that, is a banner/logo illustration/design that I did for one of my bandmates, who rents a group campsite every fourth of July, invites a bevy of musician friends, sets up a jam tent and the music goes on almost all night long. He’s decided to name this event this year, and I thought I’d design a banner for the side of his camper.

Dow Jones Work

Barrons, WSJ

Here’s a few pieces I did for Dow Jones over the past few weeks. The one above was for Barrons, and the one below was a series of spots for the WSJ. Also currently working on a few book projects, that will, for now, have to remain under wraps. My band is also in the home stretch on their third CD which we hope to release in June, so I’ve been spending most of my little remaining free time working on mixing, mastering and package design (which I’ll post as soon as it becomes finalized).