Busy Week

Barrons, Llewellyn, US Catholic

Nice to have a busy, hectic week for a change, filled with a variety of projects (halfway through the week, with more to do by the weekend). Had a couple new interesting projects come my way over the weekend (more on those in the future). Working on my annual ‘witches’ project for Llewellyn, plus a piece for Barrons and an unusual portrait assignment for US Catholic. Meanwhile, started on recordings for the Jukejoint Handmedowns upcoming CD release, and have joined the Kent Philharmonia on bass, who are going to be playing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony for their spring concert this year (which means LOTS of practicing, as it is the most difficult piece of music I’ve ever laid eyes on).
You can click on the small thumbnails to see a larger version of each illustration.


Farm Futures, Green Prints

Here’s a few of the short deadline pieces that I finished up this past week, one for GreenPrints and the other for Farm Futures. Began work on laying out this year’s ‘oscar poster’, since the nominations were announced yesterday morning, and spent the rest of my time this month doing sketches for upcoming book projects. Oh, and I have a birthday coming up this weekend. 53 years.

Facebook Faces Update

Facebook Faces

As part of my New Year’s Resolution to do more ‘personal work’ this coming year, I’ve decided to jump start the process by revisiting a challenge that I undertook in 2012 to draw a portrait of each and every one of my ‘Facebook friends’, using a variety of mediums and styles and working methods. Since I’ve added an additional 50 or 60 friends in the time since I completed that challenge, I’ve got several new subjects to tackle. Here’s Lydia & Ted & Julie.