Halfway through 2014

Barrons, Green Prints, US Catholic

Halfway through 2014, and we’re heading out for a short camping/music making weekend with the bandmates this coming holiday. A few pieces to share, and after the break I’ll likely be back at work on a new book project. Above and the following two illustrations were all for Barrons over the past couple weeks (these three were actually assigned at the same time, but were intended to be used over subsequent weeks, as a way of covering staff summer vacations).

A larger than usual assignment for US Catholic last week on retirement options (you can click on the small image below to see an enlarged version)

Then on Friday I had a couple of black and white illustrations for GreenPrints.

Have a happy and safe 4th weekend everyone.

June Breather

AHMM, Penguin, Self Promotion, WSJ

After several months of doing little else but working on a set of three book projects (all bw line art, some 80+ drawings each), I finally finished up the last one on Monday morning, and had a break in the action this week. A brief respite before the next book project starts up again (expected any day now). I had a few short term projects these past few weeks to post here. Above is a non commissioned piece that I did this week during the rest period, and I’m hoping to turn it into a promotional postcard (been a while since I’ve sent one out). Below is an illustration I did under a tight deadline last week for the WSJ (an odd situation, where another illustrator had started the project, worked up the concepts, and then it was handed to me to mop up). Below that, is an illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine that I completed on Monday.

Recently I received in the mail a few sample copies of one of the books that I was working on last year, so I’m going to take this opportunity to share a sampling of the 80 or so interior illustrations I did for this project. This was a biography for young readers on the Wright Brothers.

and into Summer…


Busy week, finishing up the last of the three book projects I’ve been working on since early this year (all, of course, I’m unable to share here, for contractual reasons). A new book project starts early next week, so I’m apparently not out of the woods yet. One of the books from last year just got published, so I may share a sampling of illustrations from that one in the coming week, but until then, I’ve posted the one ‘editorial’ assignment I had come across my desk in the past couple of weeks, a piece for Barrons on bank regulations.

Going to be a busy weekend of music, with the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts taking place on the 6th, 7th & 8th. My band plays on Saturday morning, and I typically take the weekend off of work, and spend the entire weekend wandering around, catching some music acts, eating food from the booths, and getting a sunburn.