April Showers

Barrons, Farm Futures, Green Prints, WSJ

Most of April has been consumed by work on one of three book projects (which I can’t share here for contractual reasons), but I’ve got a few pieces this past week or so, for other clients that I can share. Above and below are a few black and white illustrations for Green Prints, a gardening digest.

The same week, I had a cover assignment for Farm Futures Magazine, pictured below, and, then just as I was finishing up work on the first of the three book projects, a rush cover assignment for the WSJ came in on Thursday of last week, involving ‘recognizing bubbles’.

I also had a Barrons assignment due last week, which would have made for a very hectic Thursday and Friday, but thankfully, the deadline on that one got moved ahead, so I finished it up this morning.

Starting work this week on the second of three book assignments, which should keep me pretty busy into the first part of May. See you in a few weeks, when I again emerge from my lair.

…and out like a lamb

Barrons, ChronicleHE, US Catholic

March continued rather sluggishly all month. Still maintaining a holding pattern on the three book projects, and here are a few illustrations that I’ve completed over the period of the latter half of March. Above was a fiction illustration for a new client (it was a rather experimental prose piece and he was looking for something kind of psychedelic), and below is an illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education that I did last week on ‘B Corporation Restructuring’.

Above is a piece for US Catholic on a documentary about the Muscle Shoals Recording studio, and below is a piece for Barrons that I finished up this morning.

On the plus side, at least the temperatures are warming up, the snow is finally melting, and this long winter appears to be nearing its end.