Picking Up Steam?

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An unusual summer for me. The past few summer seasons have been unusually slow, but there has been a slight upward trend around here coming into the 4th of July. I had just finished up a large book project earlier in the month, and it now looks like I may be starting up another in the near future for the same publisher. I also heard from a new client this past weekend, Chicago Magazine, for whom I did the illustration above on ‘alternative medicines’ (and I was pleasantly surprised to find them choosing ‘my concept’ over their original idea of a ‘patient in gown in a hospital corridor’). Then while I was awaiting the approval on the sketch for the above piece on Monday, I got a call from one of my regulars looking for a rush job to accompany an article about the recent Supreme Court decision, which ended up being two rush illustrations by the time the dust settled (both are pictured below). Hopefully this trend continues.
And on the music front, my band finished up vocal recording this past weekend, and I’ve begun putting together the final mixes for our upcoming Sophomore CD release. Hope to have these in hand by mid to late July.

Sketch Day

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Things have slowed down a little bit around here since I completed that last book project (which I still suspect may have some revision work in my future, but it’s been quiet on that front for the past two weeks), but in the meantime, I’ve had an assignment or two from some of my regular clients, plus an assignment this week from a new client. Today was ‘sketch day’, and I’ve posted several of the rough sketches for upcoming projects due in the coming weeks. At the bottom of the post are a few finished illustrations I completed earlier this week (one for the Wall Street Journal and another for US Catholic).


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This past week has been a bit more relaxed than the past month or so. 3 Journal projects have come my way in the past week (one of which pictured below), which I am very pleased about, and I also found time to do a little CD design work for a friend’s band (above, and click on the image to see a larger version). I also launched a new tumblr site this week, as a way of promoting my work in yet another online location. I plan on using this site to highlight some of my favorite pieces from the past 24 years of work, in a much larger format, with less text, and non chronologically. Hoping to post fairly regularly, time permitting, but I also plan on keeping this ‘day to day’ blog going as well for those who may be interested in what’s going on currently.

Moving On (maybe)


Well, I finished up the book project that has monopolizing most of my time the past month and a half. I’m not quite ready to say that I’m done with it, as I’m sure that there will be adjustments and revisions, but for now, I’m moving on to other projects. And what a nice change of pace that is. Last weekend I finished up the above illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and below is one I did for the Journal this morning.

Had a busy weekend, musically. This was the weekend of ‘Festival of the Arts’ here in Grand Rapids, and our band had a few entertainment slots on Friday and Saturday, and since it is such a fun annual event, I usually clear up my work calendar and plan on spending the entire weekend downtown, listening to other bands, sampling overpriced ethic foods and getting sunburned. Nice and tired today, and trying to get back into a ‘work’ frame of mind.

Museum Installation


Got a photo from one of my clients from last summer. I had done a series of full size figures for an interactive museum installation, and here’s how it is looking in the installation phase. Should be open to the public soon. I’ll have to get some further information regarding where and when this is taking place and perhaps plan on a road trip this summer to take a look. (I have a dim memory that this is somewhere in Minnesota, but I could be wrong).