more witches


Further work on the ‘Witches Companion’ book interiors. Got 4 done today, and three more to go. I’ll likely work on a couple other projects tomorrow to give myself a break and then finish up the project on Monday.

And today marks the official beginning of recording for the new CD for the Jukejoint Handmedowns. I laid down two bass tracks this afternoon for two of the songs, and prepared the way for the mandolin, guitar and pedal steel (and some vocals) to be recorded this weekend. Our schedule has been laid out, and we will be shooting for a late April or early May release.

In addition today, I also started an oil painting, something I haven’t done in over two years. I’ll try and post a photo of it when it gets a little closer to actually looking like something.

in the shop

ChronicleHE, Jukejoint Handmedowns, Llewellyn, music, US Catholic

My computer has been in the repair shop the past few days, and I just got it back this afternoon. Been working on my wife’s laptop, which isn’t too much different, other than the fact that I find it hard to judge the colors and their intensity, depending on whether my eyes are lined up with the screen’s ‘sweet spot’). The above illustration was for the Chronicle this week, and I also got started on my ‘Witch’ interiors for this year (several of the black and white illustrations below). I’ve been doing these Witches’ Companion books for Llewellyn for the past several years, usually a cover illustration in the late fall, and the black and white interior spots in January (the interior spots are divvied up between several illustrators).

Also, yesterday, I finished up a piece for US Catholic in more of a ‘cartoon style’ (which was a nice change of pace from all the detailed scratchboard pieces), plus I also did some tweaking to the JJHD CD cover artwork (some of the boys felt that the hairdo on the first version was too similar to a local female rockabilly celebrity and might be confusing for some fans). Personally I still like the first hairdo better.

CD Cover

Jukejoint Handmedowns, music

Well, me and the boys will be starting the recording process on our new CD next week, and I’ve been messing around with various ideas for cover designs. This is the latest one. Not sure I’ve settled on the final design yet, but I feel like I”m getting close.

Sittin’ on the shelf

Barrons, ChronicleHE

Finished up a fun assignment this afternoon for the Chronicle. This one was about traditional books vs. eReaders, and besides the fact that the topic was near and dear to my heart (my house being nearly filled to capacity with books, and they keep coming in), the editor had a fun concept that I enjoyed taking and running with. You can see a larger version by clicking on the image above.

I also finished up a Barrons assignment this morning, a story on the past election, and reasons for Romney’s loss.

Had a busy music weekend, getting a last minute call on Saturday to sub for a missing bass player in a friend’s band, and then getting up the next morning to go to an extended practice with another band to prepare for a gig on Saturday. Then, this coming week, the Jukejoint Handmedowns will be appearing on the radio on Wednesday, and then doing two back to back shows on Friday.