A few other projects I finished up this week included the above rush illustration for the Wall Street Journal (click on the image to see a larger version), plus a wedding illustration of a couple of coiled snakes pictured below (apparently this is some significance to those who are fans of the obscure children’s film ‘the neverending story’). The details in the first version seemed to be problematic for the size that it needed to be printed, so I did another simplified version. Still not sure what the final verdict on this project is.

In the meantime, a few large projects are waiting in the wings for the coming month, just waiting around for the green flag to get started.

Onward to December (& the holiday season)

ABA, Self Promotion

Always have a hard time ‘coming back to work’ after extended holiday weekends, but this morning I had a busier than normal schedule, so I got up extra early to make sure I had enough time to get everything done. Above and below are a few spot illustrations for the ABA, a client that I hadn’t heard from in several years (and it’s nice to be working for them again, for sure). I also worked up a rough sketch & small sample for a new client, for which I’ll probably be finishing up a project later this week. Other things in the works for the coming month: Will be starting on a series of interior ‘Witch’ illustrations for a midwestern client, and I’ve been told that I may be working on another book project for a new client this month (still awaiting details), plus the museum mural is seemingly still in limbo for the time being. Hoping to end this year on a good note, and enter my 24th year with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, it being ‘Cyber Monday’, be sure to stop by my Zazzle Store to stock up on various bits of Tim Foley Merchandise and Swag for those ‘hard to buy for’ people on your Christmas List. (Click on the above link to visit the store, where you can find iPhone cases, like those above, or greeting cards, puzzles, tee shirts, mugs etc etc etc)

Happy Thanksgiving

ChronicleHE, Self Promotion

Been a busy week (not with work, but with extra-curricular activities), what with Electrical home improvements over the weekend, accompanying my Dad to his Neurologist and Oncologist on Monday and then to his Pain Clinic visit on Tuesday, and today with a couple rush jobs and then a show at a Moose Lodge up in Fremont tonight, and then I’ll be driving to Chicago to have Thanksgiving at my brother’s restaurant (along with the rest of the family). Hoping to get back Friday evening or Saturday morning so I can get some last minute weekend work done for a deadline next Monday.
The illustration above is one I finished up this morning for the Chronicle. I think I’ve used this concept before, although I can’t remember when exactly. A spoof of the well known ‘Darwin’s Monkey’ statue (where the monkey is contemplating a human skull), and this commentary article was about allowing college students to ‘major’ in sports.

And in the meantime, it is the start of the holiday season, and I thought I’d direct interested parties towards my Zazzle store, where you can find several of my previous years’ Christmas card designs available for purchase, along with many other items, like mugs and tee shirts and mousepads and iphone cases, etc etc. (click on the photo for a link to the store)

Christmas Card (Return of Krampus)

Self Promotion

Over the past several years, a ‘Krampus’ card that I did for a business promotion has enjoyed a second life at my Zazzle store, outselling almost every other image I’ve yet uploaded at that site. So I thought I’d work up another design of this popular (?) holiday character. For those unfamiliar with the legend, here’s a link to a handy site that will hopefully explain it to you. These should be available on the zazzle store by tomorrow, and I’ll likely be using this is a holiday mailer.