Weekend Quickies

Facebook Faces

Spent the weekend working from Lansing, taking care of Dad, and only had time for a couple quickies on Sunday, trying to play ‘catch up’ on the ‘facebook challenge’ I gave myself back in april, and am now less than twenty portraits away from the finish lines. Today I did an oils sketch of Brenda, a high school classmate, and another ink & watercolor sketch of one of my Mother’s cousins, Kathy (who also used to live down the road from me when I was a boy living in Flint). With both of these, I was attempting to steer clear of ‘traditional colors’.

Back home in Grand Rapids at the beginning of the work week, and will be getting back to some semblance of normal from here on out I hope.

In My Own Office

Facebook Faces, Furman University Alumni Magazine

Back in my own office today, and started work on a series of four illustrations for a new client (above, click on the image for a larger version), plus did a couple more portraits for my ongoing series of ‘facebook faces’ (below). Looks like I’ll be back in Lansing for the next few days thanks to a communications error in scheduling, and I’ll probably do the next few illustrations for the above project remotely.
Todays’ two portraits are #184, Burt, a long time friend of my son’s, and #185, Ed, a cousin of my mother’s.

178 & 179

Facebook Faces

Back in Lansing for the weekend, Dad’s doing much better, but still needs some help, especially with meds and helping him regaining his memory skills. I’m finally getting a handle on work after a hectic month, and might actually have a ‘day off’ tomorrow. I finished up the last of the ‘investment book’ illustrations (originally it was going to be 6-8 illustrations and it ended up being 19 total, spread out over a two month period), and I did a quartet of sketches for a new client earlier today. In the meantime, I’m getting close to the finish line on the ‘facebook portraits’ project, and here is number 178 & 179. #178 is Brent, another member of the ‘songwriters group’ that I belong to, done in a quickie pen & ink style with a watercolor wash. #179 is MaryAnn, the wife of my high school band director (#141) and mother to #89 and #8, done in a colored pencil/watercolor style.