152 Adam

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Spent much of today working on the ‘Amish Girls’ book illustrations (3 pictured below), and found a little time in the afternoon for another ‘facebook face’. Today’s portrait is of Adam, the singer in one of the bands I’m involved with (other members of this particular band were #17, #72, #77 & #143, the last of which is actually the daughter of our drummer, who joins us for backup singing in one of the band’s ‘splinter groups’). This illustration I attempted to do in a sort of ‘duotone’, restricting myself to a narrow color spectrum of blue and orange.

Now back to work, as I’ve gotten the go ahead on the series of ‘woodcut’ illustrations for next week, plus I’ll need to get started on some rough sketches for projects that will be rolling around after labor day (below is one of the rough sketches for a cover assignment for a new client due in the next few weeks).

150 & 151 (& sketch day)

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Doing several rough sketches today, for various projects. The above is a rough sample for a museum wall mural I’ll be doing in the near future, and below is one of 29 sketches I did for an upcoming set of illustrations for a local client (for which the finishes will all be done in a faux ‘woodcut’ style).

Also found a brief window of time in the late afternoon to do a couple quickie portraits. These are both facebook acquaintances I’m none too familiar with (I think one of them is a high school classmate, maybe a couple years younger than I – the other one is maybe related in some way to one of the bars I frequently play at), Dawn and Samantha (#150 & 151 respectively). One done in the ‘liquid inks’ tools that I discovered a month or so ago, and the other a failed experiment combining pen and ink and oils.

148 Will 149 Bill

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Continuing to work on the Amish girl book project (pictured below), but took a break, mid-day to complete another portrait for my ongoing ‘facebook project’. Today’s portrait is of Will, a local entertainer, who took 2nd place at a regional talent competition a couple weeks ago that we were involved with (and who I later realized that I had crossed paths with several times over the last couple years). This one was done in a variety of styles and mediums, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, tinting tools, etc.

And later in the day, found time for another portrait, this one of Bill, a fiddle player I met several years ago during the Woody Guthrie play, and have since played with in a pickup group for a local church service. Others from that Woody Guthrie production include: #117 (Martin, music director), #102 (Erin, asst. director), #37 (Bud: old woody/pa), #42 (Glen: middle age woody), #51 (Annie: ma), #100 (Keenan: young woody).

Bill was in the pit band for the Woody Guthrie play I was involved with several years ago, others from that group include: #117 (Martin, music director), #102 (Erin, asst. director), #37 (Bud: old woody/pa), #42 (Glen: middle age woody), #51 (Annie: ma), #100 (Keenan: young woody) and #127 (Margi: choral director).

Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m still in the Illustration Business

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Yesterday, I spent most of the day over in South Haven and Holland, accompanying my Dad to one of his many doctor’s appointments. While en route to Holland, my cell phone rang and it was a client of mine who I hadn’t heard from in almost a year, who said something along the lines of “long time, no talk” and then asked me if I was “still in the illustration business”.


Unfortunately, what he had for me was a rush job for an illustration that very afternoon, and I wasn’t able to get back to my office in time to turn it around, so I had to reluctantly decline.

So, anyways, if anyone asks; “Yes, I am indeed still in the illustration business”.

Today, I am continuing to plug along on the ‘Amish Girls’ interior book illustrations (two of which are pictured below), plus I took a short break to draw another of my ‘facebook friends’, this one in a mixture of mediums, of Gwen, a woman I met last year at a ‘jam session party’ that was hosted at her house.

146 Barb (& onward to the weekend)

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Gearing up for a busy music weekend. A double header today, with a Festival appearance plus a private party, and then an extended practice session tomorrow with another band. I’ll be lucky if I can feel my fingertips by Sunday evening. In the meantime, I worked up a quick pastel sketch of another local bass player, Barb for my ongoing ‘facebook’ portrait challenge. I’m about at the 3/4 mark for this project and hoping to have the whole thing done by Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, worked on another of the ‘Amish Girl’ interior illustrations (pictured below). This illustration has since been modified after comments from the editor that the girl looked ‘too short’. I’ll also be starting on another large museum project next week. Hopefully, at some point, I’ll be able to post some photos of the actual installation and give more details on where these can be viewed at full size (I may need to make a summer field trip next year to see the display in person).