Bear Necessities


Today I have a two part Chronicle assignment to finish up, so I may not get around to a portrait. Above is the first half of the assignment. Had a rather late night yesterday, so I may be going into the house for an afternoon nap. Maybe the rest later today, or tomorrow morning.

Sue (36) Joe (35) John (34) & sketches

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Another quick ‘weekend portrait’ today. This one is of a high school friend from our Marching Band percussion section, Sue. This one was a combination of pencil sketch and an oil paint overlay.

Got up early this morning and did this portrait of Joe (one of the songwriter regulars who attend the monthly GRSA meetings). Not much of a stretch today, just did this one in colored pencil/watercolors.

Today’s ‘facebook challenge’ portrait is of a fellow named John who I played a little music with two years ago. I tried to push myself into unfamiliar territory with this one, doing the entire thing using the ‘palette knife’ tools (something I’m not only a novice at in the digital realm, but something I never tried much of in the real world). A little tricky figuring out the angles you have to maintain with your drawing stylus, since each angle seems to correspond with varying degrees of tilt with the ‘knife’.

Above was my entry into this week’s “Blown Cover” blog contest. This week’s theme was on economic inequality and I really struggled with this one for several days. I woke up early in the morning on Wednesday with what seemed at the time a really brilliant idea, only to arrive at my desk in the clear light of dawn with the realization that it was incredibly stupid and convoluted (it was something to do with ‘trickle down economics’ and a bright yellow stream of urine), so I ended up doing this ‘let them eat cake’ concept instead (and of course, I wasn’t the only one to employ ‘cake’ in their concept).
Anyhow, on to some ‘real work’…

Here’s a series of three sketches for a Chronicle assignment that I’ll be finishing up early next week.

Matched Sets

Facebook Faces

Today’s subject is another matched pairing. Two of my Uncles on my Father’s side of the family had twins (and it was feared that my brother Tom was going to be twins while my Mother was pregnant with him, but he just ended up being a really big baby). This is Cindy and Chris, and I decided to do them in a scratchboard style.

Today’s portraits are a matched pair. My cousins Pat and Mike, and since I found photos of both of them playing guitars, I decided to do them both in a similar style. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle the other pair of twins in the family.


Meredith (27) Emily (28) Eric (26) Greg (25)

Facebook Faces

A long weekend, with a long gig on Saturday night with the JJHD, and then driving to Chicago on Sunday to see my son’s senior recital with two of his bands, spending the night, and then a long drive home on Monday. Didn’t get any portraits (or much else) done on Monday, but today I’m planning on getting two of them done, starting on a long overdue comic for the ‘Freaks of Nurture’ project, and possibly coming up with an idea for this week’s ‘Blown Covers’ assignment.

Today’s first portrait is of a member of the adult student orchestra, Meredith (bottom). She’s normally a violin, but pictured here with a viola. Didn’t stretch much in the way of medium or style on this one, sticking to mostly watercolor and colored pencil tools. Next up (later this afternoon), my niece Emily (top). I treated Emily’s portrait using exclusively the ‘oils’ toolbox.

Today, a black and white cross-hatch ink study of a cello playing buddy of mine, Eric. Eric and I used to get together about every two weeks to play cello duets, until he gave up playing.

And, since I’ll be busy most of the day tomorrow, driving to Chicago to see my son’s senior recital, I did an extra one. This is Greg, a friend I used to play disc golf with a couple years ago (back when I spent a lot more time with that activity), who has since moved to Kansas.

Amy (24) & weekend assignments

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After a slow week, believe it or not I actually have an assignment today. So today’s portrait has to be a quickie, and since I’m overdue for a caricature, I picked another ‘early caricature victim’ from my friends list. This is Amy, a girl I went to high school with, and these days she’s my sister’s sister-in-law. Rumor has it that she always hated how I drew her, usually with prominent cheeks and jawline. Well, old habits die hard.

Later today I’ll post the results of today’s same-day project, and I’ll no doubt be posting another of my ‘Blown Covers’ sketches that I did earlier this week.

Above is an illustration I did for Newsday this afternoon (click on the image for a larger version).
And as for the “Blown Covers” blog that I’ve been contributing sketches to for the past four weeks. Seems I got chosen this time around for top honors. It looks like they made some alterations to my original sketch (not sure that I agree with the tweaks, I thought the original version balanced better), but anyhow, a nice honor. (Immediately below, my original sketch, and then the version that appears on the site with alterations)