Another Week

Baker Book House, Dover

Another week of the same coming up. I did manage to finish up the ‘Poker’ book today with the above illustration, and added another ‘Amish Girl’ to the ‘finish pile’ (below). 6 more illustrations for that project, and I’m hoping to wrap that one up this week. A little nervous, as there isn’t much else work on the docket for the remainder of the month, but it will be nice to move on to something different, whatever it ends up being.

More of the Same

Baker Book House, Dover

Plugging along this week . . . More ‘poker’ illustrations for one ongoing book project, and more ‘Amish girl’ illustrations for another. Then it is off to orchestra practice this afternoon, and I’ll try and find some time to mix a song for the Jukejoint boys in the evening. Tomorrow? More of the same.

A little of this, a little of that…

Baker Book House, ChronicleHE, Dover

My ‘typical work day’ is all over the place the past few days. Still working on the ‘Amish Girl’ book interiors (a few posted below), plus working on a series of ‘Poker Definitions’ for another book project (a few posted below). Plus this morning I had an illustration for the Chronicle on ‘data recovery’ (pictured above). I’m also squeezing in some ‘song mixing’ for the upcoming JJHD cd when time permits, and I’m also making time for three band practices this week. I think I’ll be able to relax on Sunday, maybe.