AHMM, Llewellyn, self portrait

Starting the week out with another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Below are a few more ‘wiccan’ illustrations for the ongoing project I’ve been working on for Llewellyn this month (two more to go, probably tomorrow or later today if I can work up the ambition).

Money (and more witches, of course)

Barrons, Llewellyn

Above was a rush spot illo I did for Barrons this week, and meanwhile, I continue to plug away on the ‘wiccan almanac’ project (a series of bw interior illustrations pictured below). This will be the fifth book in this series that I’ve contributed cover and interior art to (more of these samples to come next week).
Besides these projects, I’m also continuing to work on another upcoming book project that will have to remain under wraps for the time being, but I’m hearing rumors that the book that I was laboring on back in October/November is going to press and should be out soon (at which time I’ll likely share some samples and a link to where it can be purchased).

Stamp Project, almost


Well, I’ve been sitting on this image since last August, but I see now that the official stamp is now available for preorder, and will be released in early February, it is probably safe to post this. I got a call from a client who I’ve worked for on various projects in the past, on a Thursday evening as I was on my way to band practice, and he was representing the family of the subject of an upcoming postage stamp honoree, and they were in need of a quick turnaround portrait based on a bw photo they had. I did most of the work on Friday evening and Saturday morning, and most of the corrections were rather minor and were completed by Sunday after several conference calls. Months later, though, it turns out that the Postal Service decided on another artist to carry the project to the finish line (Here’s the finished product, available for preorder). I’m not too disappointed, its a bit different in style, more streamlined, and has the hospital in the background, which is a nice touch, and I’m sure the family is quite happy with the final result. Was an interesting couple days, was paid well for it during a particularly dry spell, and I was happy with the end result, and glad to finally share it here.

Witches and Lilies

Baker Book House, Llewellyn

Further work on the Witch Almanac (images below), and worked up another color comp for the upcoming book project (above). Starting work on another large project this weekend, but will probably not be able to show any samples from that one until it is published (but considering the short shelf life it is likely to have, it will probably be hitting the shelves rather quickly this year). More witches to come next week.

2012 Off and Running

Business North Carolina, Llewellyn

Well, the holidays are finally over, the tree has been taken down and driven down to the recycling center, and we’re back to work here at the Illustration Mines. Above is a cover illustration I finished up this morning for Farm Futures magazine. Nice to hear from them again, it had been about 2 years since the last assignment. Tried a ‘gouache’ technique for this one.
And, once again this year, I’m working on a series of black and white illustrations for a Wiccan Almanac. Below are the first two in that series (with more to come over the next couple of weeks).