Black Friday

Highlights, WSJ

A few late breaking illustrations for ‘Thanksgiving week’ which I did on Wednesday. Above was for the Wall Street Journal, and below was for Highlights. I’ll be finishing up my large book project this weekend, and then going in for some minor surgery on Monday, so I may be out of commission for a few days next week.

Thanksgiving Week

Barrons, ChronicleHE

Been a while since I’ve posted, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. I’ve been working on a large book project for the past month and a half and am getting very near the finish line, but unfortunately I won’t be able to post any examples until publication sometime next year (I’ve had a couple of assignments with this restriction this year). In the meantime, I’ve had a couple small projects this past weekend, for a couple of publications that are getting stuff done early to take time off for Thanksgiving. The above illustration was for Barrons, and the one below is for the Chronicle.

Playing Catch-Up

ChronicleHE, US Catholic

Past the halfway point in the large book project I’m currently working on (and unfortunately am unable to share on the blog until next year sometime), but am taking a break in the middle of this week to work on a few other assignments that are coming due at about the same time. The Red Thread cover I started yesterday and will be hopefully finishing up this afternoon (looking pretty good so far), but this morning I had a few scratchboard assignments to finish up, which I’ll post for today’s blog entry. The above illustration was one for the Chronicle. A rather tricky assignment for which I didn’t feel all that confident of my concept sketches, but the editors seemed to find one that fit the bill (below is one of the alternate ideas, which I personally preferred, and if I end up with any free time later, might finish up just for fun).

I also had an assignment for US Catholic, which I also finished up today (you can click on the image to see a larger version). I guess I’m out of touch with what altar boys are wearing these days, because my original sketch had the old black and white style outfits that I grew up with, but the editors wanted them to look like the sort of things they are wearing these days (which to me look like druid cloaks or possibly Jawas outfits from ‘Star Wars’).

I’ll post the Red Thread cover tomorrow when I finish it up.


Red thread, WSJ

Been a busy week. Still working hard on the upcoming book project (about at the halfway point), but continuing to squeeze in the day to day projects in the margins. The illustration above was one I did for the Journal this morning/afternoon, and below is the rough sketch for a cover for Red Thread that I’ll be finishing up next week.
But for now, I’m going to take the rest of the weekend off, and drive to Chicago to see my son for his birthday.