between the devil and the deep blue sea

AHMM, Barrons

A couple of early week illustration assignments. The one above was for Barrons (completed early while awaiting oks on other projects), and you can see a larger version by clicking on the image above (or see the sketch by checking out the previous post). Also finished up an Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine fiction piece a little bit early for similar reasons (and with a gimpy hand, having injured it while playing softball the night before).

weak end rap up


Some unusual projects on my docket around the end of the week. I’ve been approached by a music producer out east to work up an inside/outside cd package with a ‘sci fi’ theme (the idea is that the cd package is in fact a relic of an alien civilization, the exterior like a weathered ‘black box’ and the inside full of technological doo dads and whatnots, and also incorporating the band’s ‘logo design’ in such a way that it is hidden in the designs). This stuff is way outside my usual comfort zone, but I’ve been having fun playing around with various unusual techniques and tricks, mostly in photoshop. Probably still not at the finish line with this project, but here’s a sneak peak at the progress so far.
(these tiny reproductions don’t really do justice to all the details, so if you click on each image, you will see a larger version)

Also been doing a lot of sketching for upcoming projects (one of which, for Barrons, is posted below), mostly ahead of schedule, because I’m going to try and take a long weekend and catch up on some sailing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, my body didn’t get the message, and decided to come down with a cold on Thursday, which I’m still fighting.

days 87-90 (end of the challenge)

Baker Book House, Llewellyn, Newsday

Day Eighty Seven

Today’s illustration was a quick turnaround assignment for Newsday that I did on Friday afternoon for the Sunday paper. This story was on ‘cyber terrorism threats’.

Day Eighty Eight

Finishing up the ‘funny animals’ for Baker this weekend. Next, I’ll be working on a complicated ‘what’s wrong’ picture for Highlights back cover assignment. Stay tuned.

Day Eighty Nine

I haven’t yet gotten the go-ahead on the Highlights job, so I began work on the ‘Witch’ book cover. Here’s a few sneak peeks at a couple of the elements while it is ‘in progress’.

Day Ninety (end of challenge recap)

Today’s illustration is a cover assignment for Llewellyn Publishing. I’ve been doing these for the past 5 years or so (click on the ‘Llewellyn’ category above to find the other covers). I also saved another version of the ‘roses’ on the cover that will be used as a back cover wraparound element (pictured below). You can see a larger version of the illustration above by clicking on the image.

Well, Ninety days later (and only took me 113 days to complete, once you factored in all the ‘days off’ I gave myself). I started this ‘drawing a day challenge’ back in June as a way of distracting myself from the horribly slow sales year I’ve been experiencing, and as a way to motivate myself to work outside the box, and to draw something every day regardless of whether or not I had an actual paying assignment. I have to say it was a positive experience overall. I found myself experimenting more, and then found myself actually using the new skills that I picked up in ‘extracurricular’ work and utilizing them in assignments. Work has picked up slightly in the three months that I’ve been doing this, which is a trend I hope continues, and I may just repeat this experiment again next year, should circumstances allow.

days 83-86 of the challenge

Baker Book House, Llewellyn

Day Eighty Three

Another rough sketch, this one for the upcoming ‘witch’ book cover that I’ve been doing every year for the past five years about this time.

Day Eighty Four

Working on finishes for a book cover of ‘animal jokes’ for Baker Book House. More to come tomorrow.

Day Eighty Five

More animals for the Baker Book House project. The Hippo and Monkey are for the cover, and I’ve also been asked to do several inside animals for sprinkling around the text (these will be in bw, but I’m doing them in color anyways and then converting them to greyscale). More to come.

Day Eighty Six

A few more of the animals for the Baker Book House ‘Animal Joke Book’ project.