Days 46 through 48

Baker Book House, ChronicleHE, comics, Freaks of Nurture Comics, WSJ

Day Forty Six

Today I finished up the Roy Lichtenstein-esque illustration for the Chronicle (I posted the rough sketch yesterday). Not a lot of difference, other than tighter linework and slightly different color choices. This was a fun little project, it sort of reminded me of my days of graphic design back in the eighties, working with zipatone screens. I also saved a version of the black and white art, before I added the color swatches (pictured below).

Day Forty Seven

Today I’ve been working on sketches for the cover of an animal joke book for kids for one of my book publishing clients. The layout is still up in the air, so I’m giving them each animal separately so they can move them around in the design at this early stage.

Day Forty Eight

Today I spent a great deal of time working on another ‘Freaks of Nurture’ comic blog adaptation. I did a rough sketch for this several weeks back, but for some reason or another it was put on hold for some ‘writing tweaks’ that never quite materialized. I got about half done with it today, and will post the rest once I get it finished in the next few days. (click on the image above to see a larger version).
I also worked on some rough sketches for a Journal spot assignment. The finish is due tomorrow, so check in then to see which one got chosen.

Days 41 through 45

Barrons, National Geographic, River Styx

Day Forty One

Today’s illustration finishes up a project for the National Geographic School Publishers that I started a couple weeks ago. This black and white spot illustration was a latecomer to the project and only just got okayed a couple days ago.

Day Forty Two

Today’s illustration was an assignment for an upcoming issue of Barrons. Got it done a bit ahead of deadline since I had some time to spare today.

Day Forty Three

Today’s illustration is a fiction piece for River Styx magazine.

Day Forty Four

A personal quick paint sketch today. Been thinking a lot about trees lately, as subjects. I ride my bike through nearby Riverside Park on a daily basis, and I’ve been noticing more and more of the interesting variety of trees as I pass by them. I might like to take a sketchbook down there sometime and just fill up a book with nothing but trees.
Yesterday evening I played a music gig at an art gallery in Ada, and was wandering around looking at the paintings during our rest breaks, and it sort of got me inspired to play around again with some ‘virtual paints’ this morning. Nothing overly ambitious, just a fast and loose tree sketch.

Day Forty Five (halfway point)

After a very busy week, I decided to take Sunday off. Today’s drawing is a rough color sketch for an assignment for one of my regular clients, where they asked for a Roy Lichtenstein-esque scene with a very particular set-up and text. I love assignments like this, where I can analyze and emulate another artists’ style, as I usually come out of it with new techniques and tricks that I wouldn’t otherwise have stumbled across. The finish will probably be a lot tighter in the linework and will most likely be posted tomorrow.

Days 38 through 40

ChronicleHE, Red thread

Day Thirty Eight

Today’s illustration will unfortunately have to stay under wraps for the time being. An unexpected job dropped in out of the blue on Thursday evening, and I’ve been spending the past few days feverishly finishing it up. The conditions are such that it remain confidential until sometime in 2012 when it becomes public. But suffice to say it is probably one of the best looking pieces I’ve ever done, and easily one of the most interesting assignments that’s ever crossed my desk.

Tomorrow I’ll probably not post a drawing, as I’ll be busy playing a four hour gig at a motorcycle festival in Muskegon with my country band.

Day Thirty Nine

Finishing up the Chronicle project this morning with a few interior illustrations along the same lines as the cover and spots I did last week.

Day Forty

A lot of the day today spent working on the above cover illustration for a Detroit area client. Mostly done, but I’ve still got some tightening up to do on the upper portion of the illustration. It’s late, and time for call it quits and catch a late supper. I’ll post the finished piece tomorrow.

ADDENDUM: And here’s the finished version, completed the following morning:

Days 34 through 37

Barrons, ChronicleHE, WSJ

Day Thirty Four

Busy week continues, today’s illustration is a sneak preview of a corner of a big one due at the end of the week. Spent most of the day on this one yesterday.

Day Thirty Five

Still working on the large complex cover illustration from yesterday, but also managed to squeeze out some sketches for a WSJ job for tomorrow, and another quick turnaround finish for Barrons this morning. Been a really good busy week, with three new assignments coming down the pike yesterday and two the day before. Hoping it’s a trend and not just an anomaly.

Day Thirty Six

Today’s illustration has been in the works for several weeks, this is a cover for an employment supplement for one of my regular clients. I’ll also be doing several interior illustrations to go with it (which I’ll probably be posting tomorrow and the next day). I also had a quick turnaround illustration for the WSJ this morning (pictured below). You can see a larger version of the above illustration by clicking on the image.

Day Thirty Seven

Today’s spot illustrations are a continuation of the same project I posted about yesterday. These three are for an article about labor relations in the same special supplement. I’ve tied the cover and inside illustrations together by using the same ‘female central character’, and there will be two more ‘larger’ spots for other articles to come over the weekend.

Days 31 through 33

Barrons, Business North Carolina, National Geographic

Day Thirty One

Today’s illustration was a quick turnaround assignment for Barrons (since it’s such a strong horizontal, I’ve also provided a larger version that you can see by clicking on the image above). Going to be a busy coming week, and no complaints, because it’s a nice change of pace from how the rest of this year has been shaping up. Keep them assignments coming folks! Now, back to the ‘virtual drawing board’.

Day Thirty Two

Spent most of the weekend either recording vocal tracks for an upcoming cd for the Jukejoint Handmedowns or working on the above illustration for what used to be National Geographic School Publishing (the company has changed hands between now and when this illustration was originally assigned). This illustration goes along with the ‘cockatoo’ illustration from a few days ago, and a black and white illustration that I’ll likely be finishing up sometime this week, once the ok on the sketch comes down the pike.

Day Thirty Three

This is the start of what is proving to be a very busy week for me. Aside from a number of assignments, I’ve also scheduled several music practices throughout the week in preparation for several gigs in the second half of the month. I’ve several samples to post today, as I take a short break from the action.
The drawing above was a rough sketch for a fiction piece for a new client. Below is a series of illustrations that I did for Business North Carolina. This is for a rather dry story about banking and takeovers and business meetings, and as a way to spice it up, they wanted rough sketches to look like ‘movie storyboards’. The hard part for me, of course, as a detailed oriented scratchboard illustrator is in leaving things loose and unfinished, so this was a particular challenge. Originally I wanted to do these using a style that looked like ‘design markers’ but I had a hard time working with the medium in a way that I was happy with, and after several false starts, I went back to watercolor wash instead.

I also was asked today to provide a black and white version of the ‘parrot’ illustration that I had completed this weekend. The size was slightly different, so I had to do a little bit of manipulation of the design elements. (pictured below, and see the previous post for the color version)

Back to work…