Spots and Samples

ChronicleHE, Dover

Above, a spot illustration for the Chronicle over the weekend. They are entering what they call their ‘paperless summer’ and this is one of those ‘internet only’ illustrations.
Below is a sample illustration for a possible project for the same publisher of last year’s ‘literary paper dolls’. This may be a bit more challenging than last year’s book, but may keep me busy for a few months in the summer.

The Talk

comics, Freaks of Nurture Comics

I finished up the latest comics in a series that I’ve been working on, sporadically, since last summer. These are written with a friend, who runs an autobiographical essay blog entitled ‘Freaks of Nurture’, and the first ten or so that we did were written directly for the medium, and those had more of a traditional ‘set up and punchline’ format that I found rather stifling and ultimately predictable. I’ve taken a different tack with these past two efforts, adapting some of his previous essays instead, and have been a bit more pleased with the results. This one concerns a ‘sex ed talk’ that he recalls with his stepfather. (You can click on each image to see a larger, easier to read version)

I also, for the same site, occasionally provide simple illustrations for new essays, and the one below I did last weekend for a mother’s day story.

Summer is on the Way

Barrons, Jukejoint Handmedowns, music, Self Promotion

A little under 9 months until my 50th birthday. I promised myself years ago that I would consider the idea of getting a tattoo at that milestone in my life. The only problem, especially with designing it myself, is the fact that I tend to get real tired of looking at my own work after a short period of time, and I have yet to find a tattoo artist with whom I have complete confidence to permanently mark up my derma layer.
I’ve long been a fan of the retro tattoo designs, especially the ‘sailor jerry’ type, and I’m pretty sure it will be some sort of ‘pin up girl’, so I worked up a design this afternoon of which I’m kind of fond (for now). (Apologies to the legendary Gil Elvren from which I appropriated the pin up girl pose)
I have a very talented niece, who just turned 17, who is interested in becoming a tattoo artist, and she’s been doing some experimenting with henna tattoos recently, so I thought I’d give her a chance to give me a temporary one as a ‘test run’. I’ve been playing upright bass with a country/western group over the past year, and thought it might be a good ‘look’ for some of our street corner performances, if I got something like the black and white version below, on my forearm.

And, just to show I’m not completely goofing off this week, I had a job for Barrons that I finished up yesterday, with a ‘summer theme’.