Early April Projects

ChronicleHE, Red thread

Another long dry patch was finally broken last weekend, when I suddenly found myself working again on several new assignments. This ‘illuminated letter’ above was for the Chronicle, where I was one of several illustrators commissioned to do different letters for an article on ‘the Bible’. I also had another cover assignment for Red Thread magazine, on adoption trials and tribulations. I normally don’t like to do the scratchboard style for such a large format (the cover runs 11×17), but I kept the linework fairly chunky and the colors bright, and it seemed to work nicely. I wasn’t crazy about the little ‘icons’ at the ‘dead ends’ of the maze, but it was an editorial request that I tried to accommodate whilst trying to keep it from getting too busy. (click on the image for a larger version)

CD Cover

Jukejoint Handmedowns, music

Over the weekend have been working on the design and artwork for a wraparound inside/out CD cover for a local band. The ‘butcher’s diagram’ will be on the inside, with each of the songs, running time and credits occupying each section. You can click on each of the images to get a closer look.

And below are the layouts for the inside/outside of the packaging with the temporary lettering in place, along with the design for the cd art.

The band is in the earliest stages of recording these songs, so it may be a couple months before it is ready for release, but hey, the artwork is ready, by golly.

Behind the Curtain

Uncle Goose Toys, WSJ

A piece for the weekend edition of the Journal this week, plus I’ve also included the rough concepts for this one below. One of those unusual situations where I think I liked all three of the roughs better than how the finish turned out.

I’ve also been working on some ‘ants’ for the packaging for a wooden block toy, and worked up some samples for the client this week (one a little more ‘cartoony’ than the other).