Seems Like Old Times

ChronicleHE, Freaks of Nurture Comics, Newsday, WSJ

Several assignments this week from long time clients, which gave the week a nice nostalgic feel to it. So forgive me for taking a little stroll down memory lane in today’s post. The illustration above was for the Wall Street Journal, who I first began working for in 1999.

Another assignment for the Chronicle of Higher Education earlier in the week is pictured above. I got my first assignment for the Chronicle way back in 1992, and they are also notable for being the one long-time client I’ve worked with, where the same art directors have been in place for all that time (kudos to Ellen and Scott, who are always a pleasure to work for).

I also had a call from a client I first worked for back in 1994, Newsday out of Long Island, New York.
Also, since all three of these illustrations were horizontals, I’ve linked each of them to a larger version that can be accessed by clicking on the images above.

And, as long as we’re heading down memory lane, I also have the illustration above, which accompanies a friend’s blog at the website, where he waxes nostalgic about favorite vinyl from his formative years.

Presidential Tee Shirts

Self Promotion

I’ve recycled a series of presidential portraits into a set of presidential tee shirts for sale at my Zazzle Store. These are available in a customizable variety of sizes, colors and styles, so stop in and take a look around, these would make nice gifts for the presidential history buff in your family, or simply to share with the world your undying affection for Martin Van Buren.

Season of the Witch Part Two

Capstone, Freaks of Nurture Comics, Llewellyn

More illustrations for the next ‘Witches Companion’ book, and, at the bottom, another cartoon illustration for the ‘Freaks of Nurture’ blog, about a road trip to Nashville in the early seventies.

I also forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I received my complimentary copies of the Babe Ruth comic book that I had worked on last summer. It turned out pretty nice, a little different than I expected (my color cover got changed to greyscale, and I notice that they used the ‘test sketch portrait’ of Ruth on the copyright page), and you can purchase it here.

Season of the Witch


If it’s January, it must be time for doing the Witches’ Companion interior illustrations for Llewellyn Publishing (this will be my third year doing these). This is the first six illustrations out of a total of 13 due by early next month. Always an interesting and challenging project, and fun to work in black and white for a change of pace.