Still Slow

Freaks of Nurture Comics

The illustration business (around here at least) remains sluggish and stagnant. Assignments are few and far between, with the exception of several ‘maybe’ jobs hanging around in limbo. I’ve been doing several gratis projects to keep myself busy. The spot illustration above was another in a series of illustrations I’ve been doing for a friend’s blog, and the illustration below is a logo illustration for another friend’s ‘drama script’ business.

Been putting together some possible promotional postcard mailings for the near future, and I also spent some time this week working on a ‘just for fun’ side project, doing an interpretation of a classic comic book cover in my own style for a blog called ‘Covered’ that I’ve been reading for several months now. I’ve submitted it, and we’ll see if it eventually makes the grade (at which point I’ll post it here, being one of the conditions of the submission process).

Slowly Moving Into November

ChronicleHE, CRC, Freaks of Nurture Comics

Well, now Halloween and Election Day are behind us, and time to start moving into the holiday season. I had a few projects this week, but the workload continues to be remarkably light for this time of year. Above was an illustration for the Chronicle, and I was quite pleased with the simple elegant solution to this assignment (this was an article on how universities are scaling down their language programs).
Below was an illustration for a side project for the CRC (someone planning on driving cross country with their restored vintage tractor), and will be used as a website banner.

I also had another ‘blog illustration’ this week for a friend’s website.

Day of the Dead

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Freaks of Nurture Comics

An appropriately creepy illustration today for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, being the weekend of All Soul’s Day, Hallowe’en and Dias de Los Muertos. This was another in a series of ‘Nordic’ short stories that I’ve been illustrating for this magazine over the past few years.

I also had an illustration for the Chronicle last weekend, about the education holdings of a certain newspaper chain. Below is another illustration I did for a blog of a friend.