Window Panel Redo


Back in September, I had an unusual assignment from a midwest publisher to do a couple of large panel designs to be used as ‘window etchings’ for their offices. One side would be an image of a Guttenberg Press and the other would depict a Modern Scene with a mother/child depicted using one of those ‘digital readers’. Well, after the work was completed, there was a change of direction with the 2nd of the two panels, and a couple months went by before the agreed upon revision got the go-ahead. Above is the updated ‘2nd panel’ for this project, which I completed early this week.

Thanksgiving Roundup

ChronicleHE, WSJ

Each year, prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, I usually have a few clients who need something a little ahead of schedule in order to clear up their dockets for the coming week. The above assignment was for the Chronicle this past weekend, on unionization and the illustration above was one for the Journal on the trouble Municipal Bonds market.
Still have 3 days until the Turkey goes in the oven, so get those rush orders in!

Sunday Funnies: Thanksgiving

comics, Freaks of Nurture Comics

Yet another edition of the Freaks of Nurture ongoing comics project. I’ll probably be taking a hiatus on these comics for the duration of the holiday season, but I should be back with more in the new year. In addition to the comics, I also provide spot illustrations for the autobiographical essays that also appear on the site (one of which is pictured below). The black and white motif was a conscious choice in the design of this site, trying to emulate the television and old movies that we remember from our youth, but I’ve been thinking of doing a few comics “In Color” for some upcoming series, if the subject matter seems to call for it.

Xmas Promo Postcard

Self Promotion

Getting close to the holiday season yet again, and since business has been so very slow the past several months, I’ll be sending out another promotional postcard. The image above I worked up this week for an Xmas mailer. This is a depiction of the Austrian-Hungarian Xmas character Krampus who is said to accompany St. Nicholas on his rounds, scaring bad children with the prospect of getting whipped with birch branches and being taken away to a fiery hell (some of this survives in our modern day ‘Santa Claus’ in the form of ‘coal in the stockings of bad children’). You can click on the image above to see a larger version.