Weakly Wrapup

Business North Carolina, Freaks of Nurture Comics, Llewellyn

Has not been a good week, health-wise. Caught a nasty bug on Tuesday and have been battling it all week. Meanwhile, no rest for the weary, as I completed a few projects during the week. The above illustration was another ‘Witch’ cover for Llewellyn Publishing (2012 edition). This is the fourth of these I’ve done, and the others can be seen here (2011 edition), here (2010 edition), and here (2008 edition). I assume that over the next couple of months, I’ll also be working on some black and white interiors for the same book, as in years past.

I also finished up a two page spread illustration for North Carolina Business this week, and completed another blog illustration for the ‘freaks of nurture’ site (below)

Also, I noticed in this week’s NYT Book Review section, a full page ad for Marlo Thomas’ new book ‘Growing Up Laughing’, for which I had contributed a caricature illustration last winter. I drove down to Target on Sunday afternoon to look for it, since it was advertised prominently in their flyer, but apparently they didn’t have it on their shelves yet. I got an email later in the week informing me that I’d be receiving a complimentary copy in the next few weeks.