End of Week Wrap

Barrons, Concordia, Freaks of Nurture Comics, Newsday

The illustration above was one that I completed this afternoon for Barrons, to be published sometime next week. I also had a rush job for Newsday this morning, which will probably be appearing sometime in their weekend edition (pictured below).

I had an unusual assignment this week from a new client, a publisher from St. Louis. They wanted a diptych in a rather large format (8×24 each) showing Guttenberg and an early letterpress machine on one side, and on the other, a mother reading to her child using a ‘Digital Reader’. These will be etched onto glass and used as a decorative element in their corporate offices. The biggest challenge in working these large sizes, is in gauging the relative line widths so that the illustration reads well from a distance without looking too cluttered and busy. I’m hoping I can get a photo of the finished product so that I can see how these turned out.

Also, I had another ‘blog illustration’ for a website that I’ve been helping design (pictured below).

Coloring Book


Spent the weekend reworking an old illustration as a sample for a proposed ‘coloring book project’ for one of my publishing clients. Going to be working on a few large scale scratchboard illustrations this week, and this was good practice for simplifying my usual dense scratchboard style in preparation for those assignments.

ADDENDUM: This particular ‘scratchboard coloring book’ project never got off the ground, and it would take 5 more years before I would eventually do a ‘scratchboard coloring book’ for this same publisher.

Sunday Funnies

comics, Freaks of Nurture Comics

Another in a series of comics that I’ve been working on with a collaborator over the summer (click on the image above to see a larger easier to read version). I’ve also been doing some illustrations in a similar style for blog entries that are connected with the site where we ‘host’ these comics (pictured below is one of the more recent entries).

I also whipped up several small ‘facebook ad’ designs to promote the site this past week (you can click on them to get to the site to also see some of the other design work I’ve done in conjunction with the website)

Labor Day

Dover, WSJ

Had a WSJ assignment for an ‘aches & claims’ column over the labor day weekend, and I’ve been working on a few sample illustrations for an upcoming possible book assignment (pictured below) for a publishing client.

ADDENDUM: This was another Dover project that never got off the ground, as far as I know.