Believe it or not I actually had a couple quick turnaround jobs this past weekend, both for the Journal, and including one for the ‘Aches & Claims’ column which I haven’t done for a couple months (a touchy subject this time, on ‘hi-def colonoscopy monitors’, and for which they were adamant that they didn’t want a colonoscopy image on the screen), pictured above, and below is another one that I did on Friday on common phrases that Brokers use on their clients.

I’m now two dolls away from finishing the ‘paper doll’ project and should have the remainder of the samples to post in a few days. Ready for whatever comes next, but I wouldn’t say no to a couple days of rest first, if it works out that way.

Sunday Funnies

comics, Freaks of Nurture Comics

Been pretty hectic around here the past month or so with the paper doll project, so I haven’t had nearly as much time for working on the side projects. This is another in the series of ‘comic book’ pages that I’ve been collaborating on with a friend. Click on the image above to see a larger, easier to read version.

The Home Stretch


The paper doll project is around the final turn and heading into the home stretch. 8 more dolls to go until the project is completed. More Samples from this book can been seen in previous posts. It has been a very strange summer, simultaneously the slowest and busiest that I can remember. The office workers (i.e.: my wife) is busy sending out promo postcards and we’ll be unveiling a website redesign in the next few weeks, in an effort to shake the bushes.

One More Shot

Barrons, Jukejoint Handmedowns, music

Took some time off on Friday, after a week of nonstop ‘paper dolls’, to work on a personal project. The above design and illustration is for an EP of songs for a music group I’m involved with.

Below is an illustration assignment earlier this week for Barrons. I’ll be posting more of the paper dolls sometime over the weekend. I’m over 2/3 done with the project and looking forward to wrapping it up in the next few weeks.