Heady Stuff

ChronicleHE, WSJ

Over the past weekend had a series of illustrations for several articles in the Chronicle, mostly to do with the state of ‘liberal arts’. A tough assignment from a concept point of view, but after a rough start, I managed to come up with a few ideas that passed the muster. I had to revise the one above because they wanted the figure a little less ‘dark’ (you can see that version if you click on the above illustration), but I still prefer the original. The illustrations below are for the same project (the last one is clickable to see a larger version).

Been a slow couple of weeks here in the second half of February, at least as far as ‘quick turnaround’ work. I had the assignment below for the Wall Street Journal earlier this week, but these have been about it recently. I have a few large projects in the works, another game board project from overseas (samples forthcoming in the upcoming weeks), and a few wooden toy projects, and of course I’ve got to finish up the oscar poster by next week, so I’m managing to keep fairly busy.

Odds and Ends

Barrons, WSJ

Aside from another ‘board game project’ which I’ve started on and that I’ll be working on for the next several weeks, I’ve had a few illustration assignments from some of my regular clients over the past week. The illustration above was for an upcoming issue of Barrons, and below are a couple illustrations for the Wall Street Journal. (one of which had to be redone at the last minute when the ‘masks’ in question proved to be of the wrong sort).

I’ve also received word that an ‘illustration textbook’ has recently been published with a few samples of my work included. I’ll give more information on this when I’ve received my complimentary copy.