Happy Thanksgiving

Barrons, WSJ

Wrapping up some work before the holiday festivities commence this weekend. After a rather slow November, I am thankful to see that several projects are now on the docket for December, and it looks like a nice busy month ahead.
The illustration above was one I finished up for Barrons this morning, and below are a few Wall Street Journal projects I did over the past several days. (seem to be using a lot of blue in my color palate lately)

Dry Spell, and Looking Towards December


Kind of quiet around here the past few weeks. The above job was another ‘health care’ spot for the Wall Street Journal (something about pet pheremones in a spray form to prevent various pet misbehaviors), and the job below was another for the same client late last week about the ‘millionaire tax’ being levied by many states to combat budget shortfalls.

I’m currently sitting and waiting for approval on another project for the same client (whoops, there it comes now, better get back to work), and over the past week things have started to pick up a bit, thankfully, with some new projects coming in from three different book publishers, and several new wooden toy projects on the docket for the coming months.

I’ve also got another christmas postcard in the mail, its a little unusual, and it will be interesting to see what the reaction will be.

20 Years in the making


Twenty years ago today, my wife and I started on 2 bold new ventures. I had just started my freelance illustration career, and was just starting to get a few national magazine assignments, and my son Keenan was born in the late afternoon on Sunday November 5 1989. After all the years, and I don’t know how many thousands of drawings, this is the one creation I’ve been most consistently proud of having a hand in. Keenan is now living in Chicago, in his second year of college, studying jazz saxophone performance at Columbia.

Into November

Far East Economic Review, US Catholic, WSJ

Several small spot projects over the past few weeks. The one above was one I completed for the Wall Street Journal this morning, and the three below that I did earlier this week and last week.

The illustration below was a spot illustration for US Catholic, about a girl who has to wear a consignment shop communion dress amidst her friend’s more modern store bought finery. Tried working in a little different style for this, working a little looser and trying to find some way to make the white dresses look interesting against a white background.

I was also given an interesting challenge this past weekend from my Hong Kong client. They wanted a cover illustration to cover Obama’s upcoming visit, but instead of my regular style, they wanted to emulate a certain type of Japanese woodcut print, like ones that were used to commemorate early visits by western explorers.

And, finally, another health care spot for the Wall Street Journal done at the beginning of the 2 week period, about the health benefits of agave plant extracts.