Bugs are Hatching

Uncle Goose Toys

Got a nice surprise in the mail today from Uncle Goose Toys. A sample box of the ‘bugs’ wooden blocks I did various designs for last month. These turned out quite nice, and would make great gifts for kids or entomologists on your shopping list. Link here.

Spring into Summer

Barrons, ChronicleHE, Miami Herald, WSJ

The illustration above was one I did for Barrons over the past couple of weeks. This one had to do with Jewish ‘lost swiss bank accounts’, and was one of those that I was pleasantly surprised with in the finish product, not being all too pleased with the rough concept in the early stages of the job. Below is an illustration for the Wall Street Journal, another of those ‘health care’ spots, this one on snake bite remedies.

Above is an assignment for the Miami Herald from last week. Below is an illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education from around the same time. More ‘shaky economy’ concepts, which I have been doing a lot of over the past year, but there seems to be a few glimmers of hope, as the two illustrations below that seem to portend (another one for Barrons and the Journal, respectively). Been a long time since I’ve drawn a ‘bull’ in anything other than a submissive pose.

Flood Waters Receding

ChronicleHE, Library Journal

This cover above, for the Library Journal, was one of my more interesting assignments in recent memory. A mixture of old world style scratchboard with modern digital equipment, and, like most magazine covers, trying to keep things interesting yet unobtrusive in areas where type will be overlaid. I had a lot of fun with this one, and I’ve also included a larger version which can be viewed by clicking on the above image.

I also had an illustration for the Chronicle early last week, which is pictured below.

Things have slowed down a little bit here in the first week of May, or just seems like it, because I’ve several projects on the board with generous deadlines. Been nice to have a little free time to go out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather. We had a bit more rain than usual in April, and the river is just now starting to recede, leaving me with a big clean up job in the back yard.