At the Easel


I dug out the oil paints this past month and have been messing around with them on a small scale, between projects. This is a present for my brother’s sister-in-law, a small painting based on a black and white polaroid she was kind enough to loan me over the holidays. This is the first oil painting I’ve done in several years, and I’m hoping to a few more of these as my schedule (and my fickle attention span) permits.
Click on the image to see a detailed version.

The Rest of the Witches

Llewellyn, WSJ

Finished up the Wiccan project for Llewellyn this week, and above and below are some more samples from this project. To the left is a small Wall Street Journal project that I worked on yesterday, something about 401(k) plans. I had another of my ‘health care’ column illustrations for the same client earlier in the week, but I think I’ll save that one for the next post.

Oscar Poster 2009

Oscar Poster


That time of year once again. The oscar nominations came out last week, and so I did my annual ‘oscar poster’ as a gift for my brother, who hosts an ‘oscar party’ on awards night. This year he’ll be holding it at his restaurant on the north side of Chicago. The poster came a little easier to me this year, and only a few of the faces gave me any trouble (every year there seems to be one movie/actor/actress of which I have little or no familiarity with – which makes it hard to accurately capture them). As usual, I print this out on quality paper suitable for framing (14 x 18 size), and reprints are available for a reasonable price. Click on the image above to see a larger version.

All the posters in this series can be seenĀ under the ‘portfolio’ section of the menubar.

Banks (oh, and more witches)

Barrons, Llewellyn, WSJ

A quick update before we head out to Chicago to deliver the boy to his 2nd semester of college. Had a series of three Wall Street Journal spots for quick turnaround this weekend. Having something to do with banks and credit difficulties. Also had a similar one for Barrons on Thursday (b&w below), and oddly enough ended up featuring a similar ‘anthromorphized bank’ in both projects.


I also continue to plug away at the ‘Wiccan’ project, getting a few more done this week, with the remainder to complete over the last week and weekend of January. I’ve also started on another ‘board game’ project, for the same overseas client that I worked with last year. This one should be interesting, being a noirish murder mystery game.

Wiccans and Trains and Rockets, oh my!

Llewellyn, Uncle Goose Toys

Several ongoing projects going on concurrently this week. I’m one of several illustrators working on a Wiccan yearbook for Llewellyn (I did a cover illustration for this book a few months back, and I contributed to an earlier edition of this book a year or so ago). These are a few of the pieces I’ve been doing over the past week for the interior.

Another black and white project that I’ve been working on over the past week, has been a series of children’s wooden blocks. These were for a local toy manufacturer who I did some work for several years ago, and this time, they were looking for some ‘counting block’ designs. The idea is that these could be stacked side by side (for the train design), or stacked up on top of each other (for the building and/or space rocket). These were quite fun, and an interesting challenge in keeping them consistent and yet individualistic. When these start hitting the stores, I’ll be sure and post a link, as they’d make nice gifts for younger children.