Witches Again For Halloween

ChronicleHE, Llewellyn, WSJ

Had another Witch’s Companion cover for Llewellyn Publishing this fall. Similar in layout to the one from last year, but I liked how this one turned out a little better. The leaves were a lot of fun, and I got to do a little field research every time I went out to play disc golf at our local park, picking up interesting leaves for reference materials.

I had a series of four spot illustrations last Thursday for the Wall Street Journal. A tighter deadline than usual for this one, with the job coming in at 3 in the afternoon, and finals due by 5:30. I don’t mind tight deadlines, but sometimes when conceptualizing is also part of the deal, it can be a little stressful. I managed to get it done with ten minutes to spare.

This past weekend, I had a series of three illustrations for the Chronicle of Higher Education. One in color, and two in black and white. I also spent a great deal of the remainder of the week on another series of spot illustrations for Adventure House Publishing (but will post a sampling of these later on).

More Market Woes

AHMM, Newsday, WSJ

The financial crisis continues to get a lot of play in recent illustration work, as the example above for the Wall Street Journal shows. However, the world continues to turn regardless, and other news worthy topics also get some attention from time to time. The small spot to the right was another in the series of ‘dubious health care claims’ that I do on a bi-monthly basis for the Journal, this one regarding new ‘baby swaddling’ blankets supposedly able to better simulate the womb environment. The illustration below, also for the Journal, was regarding business people who are taking a chance on going back to school to earn MBA degrees, only to face an uncertain job future when they get out of school.

Got an assignment from Newsday, a client I hadn’t heard from in a while (was a steady client for about 15 years, with 2 or 3 jobs a month, until the beginning of this year when the paper started making cut-backs). This one was a sunday editorial, something about non-profits, and organizational strategies (the article used a metaphor regarding the planting of oak trees instead of flowers).

Below is another fiction illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. The setting this time was an 1880s style boxing match, where a spectator is killed, seemingly in error (meant for one of the boxers). Some nice figure work in the last two illustrations, both done with very little visual reference, aside from some costume research on the boxers, and a photo reference taken of my own hand for the hand in the foreground.

Back to School


All the illustrations in this post were for the Chronicle of Higher Education over the past few weeks. The illustration above was something to do with ‘colleges weathering tough times” (tough times seems to be the overriding theme to most of my work this fall, no surprise really). I also had another series of black and white spots for the ongoing ‘election year topics’ series that I’ve been contributing to since early this year. This group focused on health care issues (all pictured below).