CD Cover

Raspberry Records

Last month (or it might have been back in July) I had a CD cover assignment from a musician on the west coast who I had done a cover for once before several years ago. I wanted to wait and post the samples until I was sure the cd was out. Last weekend, I had the good fortune to hook up with this client at their summer place in Douglas and receive a few copies of the finished product and share a few glasses of lime-ade. One of the few times I’ve actually met a client face to face (I can count the times over the past twenty years on the fingers of one hand). Below and to the left and right are a few of the ‘additional pieces’ for this project, the illustration above being the ‘main image’, and the others used in more of a ‘supporting role’ in the design.

The music is a nice laid back blues/folk/protest mix and can be purchased online here.

The past month has been pretty busy, but the projects are of an ongoing nature, and I probably won’t have new samples to post for a few weeks until after the dust has cleared.