Best of the West Award

LA Weekly

Got word today from one of my clients on the west coast that an illustration I had done for LA Weekly last fall won a first place award for illustration in something called the ‘Best of the West’ contest. (link here to read more about it). Certainly made my day.

In the Meantime

ChronicleHE, Niche Media, WSJ

Still working hard on my ‘bible stories’ project for the CRC here in Grand Rapids, hoping to have it all completed by the end of the month. In the meantime, other work continues to trickle in.

For the Chronicle of Higher Education this week, I had a pair of ‘suspicious eyes’ illustrations for a story on racial paranoia. Used myself as the model for both of these (the big bags under the eyes are a dead giveaway).

I also had a couple small spots for the Wall Street Journal over the past few weeks. The piece to the left was about a new weight loss supplement, and the black and white spot below was something about the job market for college graduates this spring. (another one of those unusually shaped pieces that need to fit around a chart layout).

Below are a couple illustrations for the current issue of Boston Common (Niche Media).