2007 Year in Review

Year In Review

2007 was a strange year for me. One of those ‘feast or famine’ schedules with more famine than feast on the menu, especially in the second half of the year. But looking at the big picture, I continue to improve my craft, and the work this year overall, has looked better than it ever has. I’ll be stepping up my postcard mailings this year to try and drum up some more clients, and I’ve launched this reprint blog in November in the hopes of pressing my back catalog into service.

New clients this year have included the Miami Herald, Dolan Media (for which I had a fun project of creating a ‘stock certificate header’ – a first for me), LA Weekly, Barnes & Noble Publishing, and the return of Llewellyn Publishing after an almost 10 year hiaitus.

After a year off of music, I started songwriting and recording again, and set myself a challenge during the summer to write a ‘song a day’, which managed to jump start my interest in this area in the upcoming few years.

2008 looks like it may be an interesting year, what with my son graduating high school in the spring and starting college in the fall, and this year also marks my 19th year in the illustration business, and I and my wife’s 25th wedding anniversary.

So, here are what I consider to be the best pieces I’ve done this year (click on the thumbnail to see the larger version).

224 illustrations this year (down by about a hundred, although the income didn’t go down all that much, thankfully), bringing the grand total, since 1989 up to 11,198.