Late July

Washington Post, WSJ

In the last part of July, I received a job from a client I hadn’t heard from in about 4 years, The Washington Post. This was a black and white spot for the editorial page, a piece on ‘partisan thinking’.

Had a few more small spots for The Wall Street Journal this month, a piece on ‘getting transferred’ (pictured, left), and another of my ‘dubious health care’ column spots, that I do every two weeks, this one I don’t quite remember what the topic was about (music, laser surgery?) (pictured at bottom of page).
Also around this time, I had another quartet of illustrations for AG Edwards. I don’t include samples of these in this blog in deference to our agreement. Once the agreed upon time period has elapsed, I may begin posting those illustrations (most are related to the financial field, investing, estate planning, savings, etc).

A few more pieces for the Journal came across the desk in the latter part of July. The above one was a rare ‘portrait’ piece and I also had a small spot about the founding father’s reactions to the French revolution (which also involved portraiture on a much smaller scale).

Summer Promo Mailing Postcard

Self Promotion

Put together a quickie promo postcard for the lean summer months. Trying to push the ‘spot illustration’ end of the business. Recycling a number of illustrations that I’d done over the past year or so (although the main ‘masks’ illo goes back even further than that I think).

Size Matters

Barrons, Log Home Living, Newsday, WSJ

One of those rare occasions where a similar story topic pops up in two different publications around the same time, and I ended up reusing the same basic idea (although I warned the second client, that I had done something similar elsewhere). Of the two, I think I prefer the small black and white version, a little funnier, and simpler in design. I had given alternate concepts to each of these clients, but they just happened to choose the same thing. Both had something to do with investment groups deciding which stocks to invest in from a ‘christian or moral viewpoint’, although I think one of them was more geared toward individual investors, and the other was pertaining to ‘investment groups’. The color piece was for Barrons and the other was for The Wall Street Journal.

And moving on from the ‘divine architect’, we move down in scale to a couple of tiny house designers that was for Log Home Living magazine, and around the same time, I had a same day black and white illustration for Newsday. This piece was about DNA manipulating (moving on from the tiny to the sub-microscopic).
Another piece for the same newspaper involved the safety of local drinking water, which had me playing around with relative scale in an illustration once again, using extreme perspective on the water tap to heighten the drama and focus in on the drops of water.

And in addition to all these ‘size related concepts’ during this time, I also had a few tiny spots to add to the mix. A piece (pictured left) about females having difficulty climbing the corporate ladder past a certain point (again for the Journal), and I also had another ‘health care column’ piece for the same client, this one being about the health benefits of cherries.