Teamwork Test Prep Grade Eight

Instructional Fair



I’ve shared limited samples from all these workbook projects in the past, but I’ve begun to go back and post all the illustrations from each book, as there are many fun little spot illustrations that have not seen the light of day since these were published. This was the last of the ‘Teamwork Test Prep’ books that I worked on in 2003 and 2004 for Instructional Fair (later Carson Dellosa). My contact/art director for these books was a woman named Kate Wheeler, who has since passed away. I always enjoyed going in to her office to show my work, as she was such an enthusiastic fan of my work, and after living and working in such isolation for years, it was refreshing to have an audience who would actually laugh out loud at my cartoons. (in tribute, I snuck a caricature of Kate as a schoolgirl writing in a journal – see above)

Anyhow, these are all the illustrations from “Teamwork Test Prep Grade 8”, published here on this blog for the first time in about 15 years. (writing this in 2018)