South Haven

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, CRC

After a fretful summer taking my Father back and forth to the doctor and in and out of the hospital trying to figure out what this ‘mystery illness’ was that he was afflicted with, we finally found the culprit and began a plan of action. He had a rare blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma, and we decided that the best thing for him would be to live down in South Haven at my sister’s summer home (a ranch, all on one floor, quiet and not too far from a hospital), and since I had the job that was the most flexible, I would move down there for the duration of the chemo treatments, and to nurse him back into some semblance of mobility and self reliance. This would last approximately from mid August until December of 04.

In the meantime, I still had work to do. Another of my long running ‘bible stories’ assignments were coming due in August – about 25 or so odd drawings depicting various bible scenes and activities for the Christian Reformed Church’s school curriculum. I’ll be posting samples of these in a separate entry.

Also, around this time, I had another of my semi-regular ‘puzzle’ illustrations for Oddysey magazine (Cobblestone). I don’t remember the topic of this one, but it appears to be more in the line of a ‘story puzzle’ in which I was just asked to illustrate the main characters of the story.

Teamwork Test Prep Grade Six

Instructional Fair



Another of the ‘Teamwork Test Prep’ books I did for Instructional Fair in 2004. I’ve previously posted limited samples from these collections, but am now posting each book’s illustrations in their entirety (writing this in 2018). The books are long out of print, and the company I did them for are no longer in business. Anyhow, here’s all the illustrations for ‘Grade Six’ (not quite as many as other titles in the series for some reason).


More Spots

Newsday, US Catholic, WSJ

The piece above, was for US Catholic magazine, and went with an article about the current rash of documentaries in the theaters that summer (notably ‘Farenheit 911’ and ‘Supersize Me’).
The media was also in the news in the Wall Street Journal, although I can’t quite remember what the topic for this one was about (or what the word ‘thomson’ on the television was referring to).
And for the same client, my monthly quota of ‘health care’ spots for their weekly column. Prior to August, we are entering the black and white era of this particular illustration series. I would occasionally get the go-ahead to do the spot in color, but it was more of a rarity than the norm. Depending on the topic, I would choose to either go with straight line work, or a combination of line and grey wash (the ‘alcoholic’ spot above seemed to work better as a grey wash, due to the way I decided to treat the martini glass, and also in the case of the ‘sunburn’ spot, where I wanted to use grey to indicate the ‘tan lines’). These spots concerned ‘eating according to blood type’, ‘eliminating wrinkles’, ‘acoholism gene’, ‘sunurn lotion’, and another one that had something to do with cactus (although I don’t remember what).
I also had a small portrait spot for Newsday around this time, when there were questions popping up regarding John Kerry’s military service.

Bible Stories


These were more samples of the ongoing curriculum project for the Christian Reformed Church that I did during the months of August and September of ’04. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger sized illustration.

This Just In: Boy Saves Cow from Wolves

Carus Publishing, Cricket

I had a multi-image assignment for Cricket magazine in August. The story concerned a young boy who saves a cow from some wolves (exactly how and why I don’t quite remember) while his father is away for an extended hunting trip. Most of the illustrations were rather static and dull (though I tried to liven them up with some dramatic lighting), but I did have some fun with the more ‘action oriented’ scenes.