Teamwork Test Prep Grade Five

Instructional Fair



Another in the series of workbooks I was doing for Instructional Fair in 2004. This was ‘Teamwork Test Prep Grade Five’ (I did grade three through eight over the course of the year). Previously I had only posted a sampling of illustrations, but now, in 2018, I am going back and posting each of the books in their entirety, since all these books are now long out of print, and the company I was doing them for has long ceased operation.




Teamwork Test Prep Grade Four

Instructional Fair



Another of the workbook projects I was working on for Instructional Fair in 2004. Grades Three through Eight of ‘Teamwork Test Prep’ each included around 25-30 spot illustrations. I have previously only shared a sampling of illustrations from these books, but I am going back (in 2018) to publish each book in its entirety. Here’s all the illustrations for Grade Four.