Teamwork Test Prep Grade Three

Instructional Fair



The first of a series of books for Instructional Fair I did in 2004. “Teamwork Test Prep” Grades Three through Eight, with about 25 or so illustrations in each book. Not to be confused with the Teacher’s Guides for the same book series (grades three through five) that I did earlier in the year. The sheer volume of spot illustrations for these projects (and the questionable rights issues) have kept me from sharing these collections in their entirety, but with the passage of time, I am posting everything from each book (writing this in 2018). Here’s all the illustrations from ‘Grade Three’.

Of all the books in this series, I think I was most pleased with the spot illustrations from this particular book, the dinosaur/archaeologist, the undersea animals, the bugs, and I even managed to sneak in a self portrait of myself, my wife, my son, a family friend and my Dad (in his wheelchair, whom I was caring for at the time).