Naked Man Walking


Every once in a while I get the urge to play with the animation tools in my Painter software. I’m a long way from becoming an animator, but it is fun to experiment. These are a few character loops that I came up with in between jobs back in February of 2004. (I’ve included both the early sketch and the more finished version of my ‘naked man walking’ loop)

Music: Intro to ‘On the Wings of Happenstance’ copyright 2007 Tim Foley

Teamwork Test Prep Teachers Guide Grade Four

Instructional Fair



One of three ‘Teacher’s Guides’ that I did for Instructional Fair in the early part of 2004. These were for the Teamwork Test Prep series, not to be confused with the series I would do later in the same year (those were student editions, grades 3-8). I have previously only posted a few samples from each book, but am going back and updating (in 2018) and posting each book in its entirety. Here’s all the illustrations for the ‘Grade Four’ edition.