Character Education

Instructional Fair



This was a book that I did for Instructional Fair in 2003. My records are spotty on this particular one, and the only clue I have is that the file folder is named “CharEd”. I’m guessing the book is something to do with morals and character building, as there are a lot of illustrations about ‘doing the right thing’, i.e.: Recycling, Helping Others, Saying ‘No’ to Drugs, etc. etc. — There were a lot of illustrations in this book, somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 drawings in all, including some icon design (see the bottom row of the first batch of drawings above) that would be used throughout the book to indicate different types of activities. This is the first time I’ve shared any of these illustrations on this blog (writing this in 2018), so here they are in their entirety.

CharEd2 CharEd4 CharEd3 CharEd5 CharEd6