The Usual Suspects

ChronicleHE, Newsday, WSJ

Above is a rather unusual assignment from one of my east coast newspaper clients. This accompanied a story about education for the lifestyle section of the paper, and while the concept was provided to me by the editors, I had a lot of fun doing a fairly realistic treatment of the hand holding the chalk. One of my better hands, if I don’t say so myself.

Then, for my national newspaper client, I had the monthly dose of ‘health care’ spots for a regular column that I contribute drawings to. The topics this month were; ADD coaching for adults; zit creams; eating pasta for weight loss; and some sort of medical scanning equipment.

I had a couple pieces about the Iraq war, for a couple different clients, and on a couple different ‘fronts’. The one above was for a legal newspaper, and was a story about the soldiers’ difficulties telling apart the civilians from the insurgents in the Iraq war zone. And the illustration to the left was something to do with war and patriotism as it had to do with employment, although for the life of me, I can’t quite remember what the slant of this particular story was about.

Also, this month, I had a piece for an educational publisher, a straightforward image of the supreme court building, one that could be used at several different sizes in future issues of the publication, as they planned on having articles about supreme court decisions come up from time to time, and wanted a sort of ‘recognizable image’ that could tie the articles together.

Big and Little

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, WSJ

Also in the month of April, I had some extremes in size for different clients. The above large map stretched across a two page spread, for a geography magazine for kids. They wanted something sort of ‘light and whispery’ for the background of a feature. It was at this point, that I’d done so many world maps for this client, that I finally started thinking about doing a ‘world map template’ with various layers that I could manipulate for various uses (thinking it would be a big time saver in the future). But I never got around to doing it, and it didn’t matter anyways, because work from this client eventually dried up and blew away the following year.

I also had a series of small spots for my national newspaper client. These all had to do with ‘hedge funds’ in one way or another, and they wanted some fun little spots to accompany their rather dry article.

Good Works

CRC, US Catholic

I had a couple of assignments this month for a catholic publication. Both of which were concepts that I wasn’t initially keen on, but once I dived into the illustrations, they both turned out quite nice. The above illustration, I’m afraid I don’t quite remember the story of, but I was tickled with my lighthouse/church concept with its ‘stained glass colored searchlights’. I used a combination watercolor and colored pencil technique for this one. The one below was more of my tried and true scratchboard technique, but I thought I did a better job than usual in framing this one, the way I made the edges quite definite, and the reflections in the water turned out quite nice, going with a softer loose watercolor approach which complemented the hard edged stylization of the rest of the image. (again, I don’t quite remember the story that it accompanied).

In addition to the catholic contingent, I also did more ‘bible study’ project work for the protestants. Another large batch of illustrations for a local religious organizations’ curriculum, this was a continuing 3-4 year project that I was about halfway through with. This illustration below is a single sample of the latest group of about 20 illustrations.

Investment Illustrations

AG Edwards

The illustrations in this post were all for AG Edwards during the month of April. I’ve been holding these illustrations in reserve due to contractual obligations, but am now adding them to the reprint library since 5 years have now passed since they were commissioned.