Misc Assignments

America, Legal Times, Newsday, US Catholic, WSJ

The illustration above and to the left were both for the same east coast newspaper during the month of July. The one above concerned the effect that 9/11 had on the film crews and photographers who were in New York that day. The illustration to the right concerned the new powers granted the TSA.

The illutsration below was for the same client this month. This one concerned baby research, and I was a bit nervous about this one. Babies not being my strong suit, and especially when I chose to portray the kid front and center, with forced perspective in such a large format illustration. It didn’t come out too bad, but I probably could have gone a bit more stylized, and the colors (especially the background) weren’t the best choice.

The piece to the right and the piece below were both for the same legal newspaper client. The piece to the right was about a couple of Washington big wigs who were under investigation at the time. I don’t remember who they were, unfortunately. The piece below was on gun control, and discussed how different presidents viewed this contentious issue.
The two cartoons above were for a catholic magazine, and bookended an article about grandparents, and the photo wallets faded out behind the text to seemingly connect to the opposite side. The originals are quite a bit larger than the ones I’ve reproduced here.
The piece to the left is another for the same magazine in July. I usually don’t like including ‘text’ on an illustration as a way of explaining the concept, but it was a specific request of the editors.

Another one that included ‘text’ in the concept was this rather straightforward illustration request for a jesuit magazine pictured below. I liked how the text was handled a little better in this one. Going through the shadow and partially hidden by the character helps integrate it into the illustration a little better and makes it a little less obvious.

Newspaper Spots


The above four spots were for my weekly ‘health care’ column gig that I started doing earlier this year for my national newspaper client. At this point, I’m still getting used to working this small, and some illustrations seem better suited to it than others. The ‘snoring’ illustration, while fun, has way too much detail in it, and just ends up looking like a busy mess at the final repro size. The ‘accupuncture’ piece seems a bit more successful, although the shading in the background is probably way too fine and detailed.

I had a couple of really nice spot illustrations this month for this same national newspaper client. the piece above was about finding your way through the woods and avoiding the ‘bear market’. I really liked the color choices and the layout of this one, and had a lot of fun with the trees and foliage. The piece below (although I forget the exact nature of the article), was another one that I was quite happy with. I really liked the color choices and layout, and the clouds in the background turned out especially nice.

More illustrations for the same client in July; The piece above was another I was rather pleased with. Nice simple background helps the characters and stock certificates pop, and while rather busy, everything is clean and stylized, and not overworked for a change. The piece below was less interesting, but I gave it my best shot. The article was something to do with the United States luring medical professionals away from the Philippines. The piece below that, for the same client had something to do with different ways of ‘cooking the books’.

Maps etc

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone

A heaping helping of maps this month from my children’s magazine client. The one above was about different ‘western pioneer trails’, and also included many small vignettes sprinkled across the map to help decorate the dead space. An enlargement of one of them I’ve included just below it.

Another one for the same client, was the map above depicting the Lewis and Clark expedition. I was also asked to provide a number of small vignettes for this one, but separately, so that the designer could move them around and reuse them throughout the article if need be (pictured left and below).

I also had another illustration project for the same client in July, this one having something to do with one of the president’s wives redecorating the White House. I don’t remember much else about this particular illustration.
Below that was yet another map for this client in July. This one about the Nile and/or Egypt. I’ve also enlarged the smaller ‘locator map’ to show the details.