Holiday Mailing

Self Promotion
Recycled Wall Street Journal Illustration, 2001

The image above was one that I did recently for a national newspaper client that garnered a few nice phone calls and emails when it appeared in print, some asking for the chance to either buy the original (which, unfortunately, there isn’t one), or to get an autographed copy of. I thought I might use this image as a postcard, since it seemed to touch a chord with a few people. The postcard that I sent out, was actually a color version of this illustration, but I’ve since misplaced the ‘color digital file’. This would be one of the last postcards I would mail out for a number of years, until 2004, when a situation arose that prompted me to go out and ‘rattle the bushes’ in order to keep work coming in. I try not to let that much time pass between mailings these days.