October Mailing

Self Promotion
Self Promo Postcard, 2001

My wife and I have a running joke, that if she doesn’t like one of my postcard images, it is sure to be a hit. She has rather conservative likes and dislikes, and in the past, whenever I’ve sent out a postcard that she felt is ‘just too weird’, it frequently ends up being one that gets the most response. So when it came time to come up with an image this time, I had this theory foremost in my mind. Now, I’m not sure how well this odd image did. I don’t recall any specific jobs or new clients that came about because of it, but after six years, it still remains one of my favorite ‘on my own’ images.

This also marks the first time that we we used a new ‘postcard printing & mailing service’. Previously, the mailing list we were using was self generated. Namely, I researched every single name and address, from sources at the library, at book stores, in ‘artist market’ books, and stamped and addressed each and every postcard or envelope ourselves. This new service ended up being a big time saver and we’ve used the same company ever since.

Prior to this postcard, the details concerning my promotional mailings becomes rather sketchy, and I will try and post examples of each as I dig them out of the archives, but exact dates and chronology will be purely guesswork, as record keeping was hit or miss in the pre-computerized days.