Various Projects

Christian Home & School, CRC

Another ‘bible stories’ project came through this month. This was a different project than the one I was working on during the 2003-2005 period, but was very similar in many ways. I’ve chosen one sample of the 20 or so drawings in the project by way of example.

Also this month, I had a full page illustration for a local christian parenting magazine, this one dealing with an overstimulated kid at a county fairgrounds.


Carus Publishing, CRC, US Catholic

The above pastel illustration was for a catholic magazine in November. This story was about a tree that was once used for a lynching.

Additionally, on the black history theme, I had a series of illustrations for a children’s magazine publisher about a famous black female writer (I don’t remember who it was exactly). The first one in the series wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t crazy about how the rest of it turned out.

In addition to the ‘bible stories’ project that I mention in another post this month, I also had a small trio of illustrations for the same local religious organization. This included a map of the holy lands (above), an image of the Ark of the Covenant, and a bird’s eye view of a temple, all done in black and white and greyscale.

More Life Drawings

Figure Studies, personal

More drawings from one of the life drawing courses I audited around this time. I forget exactly which session these came from, but I remember being a bit frustrated with the lack of variety in the models in these last two courses. Same guy, same poses, week after week, and it got just a little bit stale.

Indecision 2000 or Hanging Chads

Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ

Oddly satisfying to see that my first caricature of our new president is of his head on a platter (remember that strange band-aid he was wearing on his face in those press conferences the day after the election?). This illustration and the one to the left were both for an east coast legal newspaper in those hectic days following the election fiasco of 2000. I don’t remember exactly why there was a portrait superimposed over the election ballot, but I seem to remember that the article was finding some sort of parallels with an earlier election fracas in our nation’s history. (Madison I think?)

For my national newspaper client, I had a number of black and white scratchboard assignments this month, but very little to do with the election. The first one below had something to do with the Republicans gaining power in the election, and the investors along for the ride.

There was also a spot having something to do with real estate (above), and a small spot having something to do with computer glitches (pictured left).

The illustration below was for the same client and had something to do with ‘finding subcontractors online’

The above illustration was for the same client and had something to do with a power company from the U.S. entering new markets in Central and South America. The illustration below was for my east coast newspaper client, and had something to do with cyber-espionage. The illustration to the right was for an educational publication in November, and, frankly, I don’t remember what it was about.