This Could Be the Start of Something Big

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, WSJ

The above illustration was for my educational publication, and had to do with the evolution/creationism debate. I had a lot of fun with this one, emulating the famous image from the Sistine Chapel, and adding some ‘aging and crackling’ in the wash background. This one would be a favorite on my own personal ‘sample page’ for years to come.

This month marked the start of a long working relationship with a national newspaper client, which has not only grown to be one of my biggest clients for many years running, but has led to many other clients who have seen my work in this publication. The first two assignments for this client are pictured above and below, and oddly enough, both feature my least favorite subject: Buildings.

The ‘Rube Goldberg’ device above was for my east coast legal newspaper client, and was a lot of fun figuring out all the little details (I don’t see how the originator of this comic strip kept it up week after week). Below is another illustration for the same client. Obviously the two prominent faces in the front are meant to be caricatures of well known Congressmen, but I don’t quite remember who (Tom Daschle perhaps on the left?)

And for the same educational publication as the illustration at the top of this posting, I had the following ‘commentary’ piece on the quality of Hollywood films.

Life Drawing Continued

Figure Studies, personal

A few more samples from that life drawing class I took in the fall of ’99. A more finished drawing above, and a couple examples of some of my favorite gesture drawings below. Of all the classes I’ve taken over the years, this one young lady (whoever she was) was one of my favorite models.

Meanwhile on the West Coast

Innovision, Recorder

Just as I was starting out with a new client this month (see other posting), this month also proved to be the end of a run with another regular client. The above illustration was a full page illustration for a west coast legal magazine. This one had to do with ‘cyber conflicts’ of the future, and I enjoyed playing around with various tools to get the necessary sci-fi effects for this one.

For another west coast magazine, I had another in a series of illustration projects in which I provide one larger color piece for the cover, and four small black and white spots for the inside, all on a similar theme. I usually do the cover in scratchboard, but thought I’d try something a little different this time. I’m not sure it was all that successful. I actually like the inside pieces better on this one than the cover, for a change. You’ll notice I also used the same ‘starburst’ effect that I used for the sun on the illustration at the start of this post. There are so many nifty gimmicky tools in this Painter toolbox, that you really have to resist the urge to use most of them, as they are a dead giveaway that you are using a computer (I prefer clients to be surprised that I use a computer, tending towards art that actually looks hand drawn).

And back on the east coast, I had another new client this month. This one had to do with the anniversary of Bayer Aspirin (if memory serves).

Play Ball

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone

There were more than a few ‘baseball’ themed assignments in the month of October this year. The above ‘overhead’ view of a ball diamond was for one of my children’s magazine clients as a background for a ‘word search puzzle’. For the same client, I also had a pair of ‘bookend’ illustrations showing a crowd of baseball fans that would go on either end of a two page spread. I managed to sneak a self portrait into the right hand side of the bleachers.

For the same client this month, I had a couple illustrations for a story about Jackie Robinson in his years prior to breaking the race barrier in Major League Baseball. This was a little different style than I usually did, using the watercolor tools exclusively.

Also for the same client this month was a two page spread illustration depicting a youth game in progress. I did this one in scratchboard for the most part, although I worked the background in watercolor. I wasn’t too crazy about how this one turned out. Purple was a poor color choice for the bleachers.

Sunday Bible Class


In this post are a sampling of illustrations from a larger project that I worked on in October of ’99. This was a ‘booklet’ for a local religious organization that they would use for their teaching curriculum. The audience for these booklets were adults and children with learning disabilities. Some of the illustrations dealt with stories from the bible, and others dealt with day to day issues pertaining to the lessons. The overall theme of this particular package had to do with ‘work’.