Book Project


Over the months of June and July I had a series of ‘book illustrations’ for a midwest publisher through my agent. These were staggered throughout the month, and I got the impression I was just one of several illustrators working on this particular project. Most of the illustrations this month seemed to be about ‘pets’, and there were quite a few small spots featuring dogs (pictured below) – Unfortunately, I never did find out the name of the book, so I don’t have a copy in my personal sample library.

June’s Cartoons

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Gemini Publications, Metro Detroit Parent

I had several cartoon assignments this month from a local regional magazine client, both for their ‘city’ magazine and for their ‘parenting’ publication. The above portrait of Richard Nixon was for a humor column, and the illustration to the left was for a health care column talking about the ‘healing power of magnets’.

Below are a few more illustrations for the same client. A piece on protecting your child’s teeth from different ‘sports injuries’, and below that an illustration about grown children who move back in on their parents. Additionally, I had an illustration regarding ‘funding for college’.

I had a few cartoon assignments this month from one of my children’s magazine clients. The one to the left went with the ‘pioneer’ issue (other illustrations to be found in the ‘scratchboard’ posting this month) and went with a ‘puzzle’, and the two illustrations below went with a recipe for ‘johnny cakes’ a popular frontier recipe.

Other cartoon assignments this month came from my agent, for a Michigan regional parenting magazine. The black and white cartoon below was about ‘cliques’ in school (there was an additional figure seen from the back that was being ‘excluded’ but I haven’t bothered to include it here – HA – excluded again!), and the ‘house on a hillside’ illustration below that was another for the same client (I think).

Plate Tectonics

Bose Corporation, Carus Publishing, Cobblestone

I had an assignment this month from one of my children’s magazine clients regarding ‘plate tectonics’, and there were several illustrations on various aspects of this topic sprinkled throughout the issue. (I think I erroneously posted one of them in July of ’99). The above illustration opened the discussion by mentioning how early mountaineers were puzzled by the fact that there were fossils of ocean life found at the tops of the highest mountain peaks (and was explained at the time by ‘noah’s flood’).

The illustration below was another on the same topic, and shows an experiment involving two books and a piece of fabric as a way of showing how mountains are formed.

The illustration to the left was to show how the ‘India Plate’ has moved over the millenia, thus pushing up the himilayan mountain range.

Also this month, I had an assignment from a corporate client involving music education for children, and they wanted a series of illustrations of kids playing on music staves in different ways. I don’t remember if these concepts were provided for me, or if I came up with the different ideas. There would follow a few additional illustrations the next month, and the following spring I would be asked to combine a few of them into one long stave.

June Scratchboard Assignments

Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, US Catholic

The above illustration was for a midwest catholic publication. A rare color assignment from this client at the time (it would be more common in later years).

One of my children’s magazine clients had an issue devoted to ‘frontier life’ this month, and I had several illustrations on this and related topics. Some were in scratchboard, and others can be found in the ‘cartoon’ posting for June. The above two page spread acted as a border for the opening text, and I’ve included a couple detail images below.

The two bookend illustrations below were for another article in the same issue.

The illustration above was for an east coast legal newspaper. The editor was obviously a ‘Get Smart’ fan. Below is another assignment for the same client, this one something to do with William the Conqueror and the language changes that were brought across with him.

The above illustration, for an educational magazine client was about the seeming importance placed on football at colleges and universities. Below is an illustration for the real estate section of an east coast newspaper client.