Compare and Contrast Grades 5-6

Instructional Fair

Another Workbook project for Instructional Fair in May of 1999. In the past I’ve only shared a sampling of illustrations from these books, but I am going back and posting each book in its entirety for the first time since its publication (writing this in 2018). Here’s all the illustrations from ‘Compare and Contrast, Grades 5-6’.
CompCon5-6D CompCon5-6C CompCon5-6B CompCon5-6E

Ten Little Fingers (British book cover)

Instructional Fair

tenlittlefingersAlso, this month, for Instructional Fair (this one for their Minneapolis based office, for one of their London imprints) I had a book cover illustration for an activity book called “Ten Little Fingers”. The publisher took my original art (above) and did some tweaking to the colors to come up with the finished product (below). I must admit I did have a tendency to do my colors rather light and muted around this time. I was still getting the bugs out of working digitally and calibrating my monitor.



Name Brand Mystery Assignment

Carus Publishing

I had a mystery fiction assignment this month from one of my children’s literary magazine clients. This one was for the ‘teen poetry & prose’ digest and was to accompany a story by an author I’ve been a fan of for many years, so it was a bonus treat to bring this one to life. This author sets all his mysteries in the horse racing world in Britain, and this short story was no exception. I also had another assignment along similar lines a couple years later for the same magazine, and this was the sort of work that I’d been doing for years for another mystery fiction digest client, although I hadn’t done a project for them for over a year at this point, and would only start working with them again the following year. So in a way, these projects took up the slack while I was on hiaitus from the other magazine and kept me in that ‘mystery frame of mind’.

The Incredible Lightness of Drawing

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Consumer Reports, Newsday, Zillions

As I work my way backwards through my art archives, I’ve noticed fluctuations in style, and in color palatte and have commented on them from time to time as it seems necessary. Over the past 6 months of the chronology, I’ve noticed the colors getting lighter and lighter, and have let it pass without comment until I got to these three illustrations for May, and I feel I must say something about it. Fortunately the black and white work doesn’t seem to have suffered in any way, but the color tones are getting much lighter and I’m not sure why that was. It could be perhaps that I was using an older computer at this time (I think I upgraded to my current computer sometime around 2002-03), perhaps I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the brightness settings with regards to how the illustrations were printing. At this point I was rather new to ‘computer illustration’ having only started the previous year, and I’m still apparently working out the bugs in the system.

Anyhow, the illustration above was for a ‘recipe’ article for an east coast newspaper client. The dish this time was a light and fluffy white cake (but I think I went overboard on the ‘light and fluffy’). Below was an illustration for one of my children’s magazine clients, and showed how light breaks up into a color spectrum. (and again, ‘light’ being the operative term).

The above ATM illustration was for a ‘puzzle page’ in another children’s magazine this month. Another victim of the light color tonality problem of this era.

May Scratchboards

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Recorder

The illustration above was for a west coast legal magazine and concerned the upcoming changes in the music industry.

The remainder of the illustrations in this posting were scratchboard illustrations I did for an east coast legal newspaper and an educational publication, but to be honest, I don’t quite remember much about any of them, even to the point of confusing which ones were for which client.