Compare and Contrast Grades 5-6

Instructional Fair

Another Workbook project for Instructional Fair in May of 1999. In the past I’ve only shared a sampling of illustrations from these books, but I am going back and posting each book in its entirety for the first time since its publication (writing this in 2018). Here’s all the illustrations from ‘Compare and Contrast, Grades 5-6’.
CompCon5-6D CompCon5-6C CompCon5-6B CompCon5-6E

Ten Little Fingers (British book cover)

Instructional Fair

tenlittlefingersAlso, this month, for Instructional Fair (this one for their Minneapolis based office, for one of their London imprints) I had a book cover illustration for an activity book called “Ten Little Fingers”. The publisher took my original art (above) and did some tweaking to the colors to come up with the finished product (below). I must admit I did have a tendency to do my colors rather light and muted around this time. I was still getting the bugs out of working digitally and calibrating my monitor.