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Had a little free time this month, and toyed around with an idea for a comic strip. Never went any further than this one sample. Once in a while I think this would be a fun way to make a living, but I don’t think I have the drive or ambition to see it through.

Odds and Ends

Gemini Publications, Newsday

The above illustration was for a local regional magazine and dealt with entertaining children on long car rides. The illustrations to the left and below were also for the same client, although I don’t quite remember the story behind them (the acorn one was probably having to do with finance).

The illustration to the left was for a local religious organization and was one of those ‘what would you do in this situation’ type stories.

The illustration below was for an east coast newspaper client and was another in a series of ‘food illustrations’ I was doing to accompany a regular ‘recipe feature’. I usually used this opportunity to practice a ‘painterly style’ that I would like to get much better at.

Mysterious Characters

ABA, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine

I had another batch of ‘character portraits’ for a short lived glossy national ‘mystery magazine’ this month. I had done a batch of these the year before, although I didn’t recognize any of the characters or authors this time. The challenge with these was to somehow show the character without getting into too much detail with facial features, and concentrate instead on settings, props and atmosphere, and at the same time give it a ‘mystery’ feel.

I also had a couple scratchboard assignments this month from an east coast legal newspaper client of mine. The one above had to do with ‘patent law’, and the one below dealt with ‘investigative journalism’ in light of the fracas going on with the current administration’s romantic scandals.

The above full page black and white illustration was for a midwest legal publication, and the two images below were for my educational publication client. I don’t quite remember the story behind these illustrations, although the one on the bottom dealt with a bookstore of some kind.

Tiny Spots

Metro Creative Graphics, Oxendine

The above color spots were for a southern college lifestyle magazine who I had been providing small ‘factoid’ spots for several years. The previous year being the first full year working digitally I had experimented with a number of different styles, but eventually settled on this cartoon style as being best suited to the budget and timeframe (much to the chagrin of the designer who preferred all the wild experiments I had been doing all the previous year).

The two spots below were the last assignment I had for a clip art firm who I had been working with for many years (pre-digital). There were very few assignments since I made the changeover, and had begun to slow down in frequency even before that, and after this one, dried up altogether.