The Good and the Not So Good

Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, National Business Employment Weekly, Newsday

The above illustration was a cover assignment for the Chronicle of Higher Education. This was on the topic of ‘Incivility’ and I was pretty much given free reign to come up with what I wanted on this one. A departure for me to do something less ‘structured’ and ‘concrete’, and I must say I’m still pretty happy with how this one looks, even nearly 10 years after I originally did it. Wish I could say the same for most of the rest of the work I’ve been digging up from this period.

The illustration to the right was for Footsteps (Cobblestone) and dealt with ‘black sea chanties’. Not too bad, at least I kept it simple. The illustration below, however is one that really makes me cringe. I really should have tried something a bit simpler to get across the ‘balloon’ idea, the excessive linework just gets in the way. The illustration below that, of the ‘tire pump’ was a small accompanying spot, and was much more successful than the larger cover illo. These were both for National Business Employment Weekly.

I had two assignments for Legal Times this month, both featuring President Clinton. Neither of them captured a good likeness. I’m not sure if I ever did a decent caricature of this guy the entire time he was in office, and only finally ‘nailed’ him a couple years after he left. Both of these illustrations are fairly cringe-worthy, both in the execution and the layout, not to mention how I was hampered with strange concepts from the starting gate.

The above illustration was a ‘same day’ editorial piece for Newsday. This one probably dealing with the Bosnia situation.

Odds and Ends

Arthritis Today, Consumer Reports, Legal Times, Recorder, Zillions

The above illustration, for the Recorder, was a large two page spread that dealt with some sort of ‘copyright issues’ that may come to a head at a certain date (maybe when original copyrights expire?). I don’t quite remember all the details involved in this one.
Meanwhile, on the east coast, I had a piece for Legal Times involving a well known ‘salt company’. The client wanted a female lawyer along the lines of the company’s recognizable logo.

Also this month, I had an unusual assignment from a new client, Arthritis Today, something rather esoteric, where they wanted an illustration depicting ‘rage’. I tried doing something a little different, but I dont’ think it was all that successful.

And finally, this month, I had a ‘puzzle’ assignment for Zillions (Consumer Reports). This one involved anagrams on a list of ‘to do’ chores. A rare assignment where I’m asked to do lettering (not my strong suit by any means)

January Funnies

CRC, Gemini Publications, Metro Detroit Parent, Oxendine

The illustration above was for a local regional parenting publication and dealth with hyperactive kids. The illustration to the left was another for the same client. I don’t quite remember what the topic was (computer security perhaps?). I also had another ‘computer’ image for the same client this month. Something about online investing no doubt. (pictured below)

The ‘fonzie’ picture to the right was another for the same client, probably for a humor column, but I’ve long forgotten the relevance. I also had an illustration for the same client that had to do with ‘kids testifying in court’ (pictured below and to the left)

I had been doing small cartoons like this for this client since my first year in business, and their rates had stayed ridiculously low for the past ten years. At this point I was mostly continuing to do work for them for a couple reasons. Gratitude and loyalty on the one hand, the fact that my wife was working at this company on the other hand, and the fringe benefits of the fact that they pretty much let me do whatever I wanted, and were super easy to work for. Eventually, a few years later, I would finally call it quits, as I could no longer justify the amount of time I was spending on these assignments versus what I could be making working on other projects.

The above illustration was for another Michigan regional parenting publication through my agent. I probably made more on this one black and white illustration than I did on all the illustrations pictured above it.
The ‘Captain Bligh’ illustration to the left was for a southern college lifestyle magazine. Something about a personality test to discover how ‘bossy’ you are in dealing with subordinates.

The illustration below was for a local religious organization and dealth with different styles of church services.

Brochure Mailer

Self Promotion

This was the first mailer I sent out showcasing the new ‘digital’ artwork that I had been working with over the past year. I don’t remember the exact date these went out, but they were an 8 page folded color booklet, with a heavy card stock outer cover, die cut with a window that let part of the illustration peek through, and then I also got an embossing tool and would punch ‘Tim Foley Illustration’ into the cover so that there were faint raised letters under the die cut window. These covers were printed with contact information and the address to my website (my website was still hosted through AOL at this point, and had a ridiculously long and hard to remember address). I don’t remember how many of these we sent out, but they were probably one of the fanciest mailers I ever put together (and was probably the least effective — I tend to stick to plain old postcards these days).

Reprint Market


Every once in a while, when I have a bit of down time, I’ll drag some old rejected sketches out of the file folder where I store them, and bring a couple to finish, in the hopes they may someday find a home on the ‘reprint market’. At the time I was involved with a reprint syndicate, and would send many of these illustrations there. I don’t remember the origins of these sketches, though the computer is probably a rejected sketch from my financial newspaper client. (seems to be about the right size and shape).