Limited Run Promotional Item

Self Promotion

After sending out postcards and brochures, and even magnets, I’ve been toying with the idea of sending out something a little more ‘concrete’ that would’nt be quite so easy to stick in the file cabinet and forget, and might also be of some use to the recipient. I decided to print up a number of promotional coffee cups and send them out. The packaging and mailing ended up being way too much trouble and expense, and I’ve heard that a few of them ended up arriving broken despite the careful packaging. I don’t think very many of these were sent out, maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 500? The art above was the image that I used for the cup, and I also found an alternate version below that wasn’t used.

I also found an even older piece of art that never got used, when I contemplated doing a ‘promotional mug’ sometime in the late 90s prior to switching over to digital. I notice that I incorporated a few of the ‘hand-drawn’ bits from this early version into the final design.